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Wunderground is having problems with the servers.

(25-09-2022, 00:23)Werk_AG Wrote:  Some news on this matter...

It seems that, currently, when uploading data to WU using the IP address in the URL instead of host name, the upload fails.
For those who need a quick fix, here is one for the 4Pro DB receiver software (v6.2_b006):

on NET.ino, near line 89, search for:
if (Wunderground_IP[0] != 0)
  WU_url = F("http://");
  WU_url += Wunderground_IP.toString();
  WU_url += "/weatherstation/updateweatherstation.php";
else WU_url = F("");

replace by:
WU_url = F("");

Goodmorning Werk_AG,

Think you did a wunderful job last night, i just changed de code-block for 1 url-line and yes Wunderground accepted my data and came back online.

The WU-icon in the RX-4 (system info) changed from red to blue.
How did you find your way to change this code block? Undecided

Thank you very much. Like
Kind regards, Wim

(25-09-2022, 10:19)Wim-T Wrote:  ...
How did you find your way to change this code block? Undecided

Hi Wim,

By default the WeatherDuino software (as many others) try to resolve the WU host name to IP address, and then use it to compose the URL (this can avoid some DNS problems). I tried accessing the WU on a browser using the IP address and it returned the 404 error, then tried with the host name and it returned 200 code. It could be a temporary issue between WU and DNS servers, we will be watching... if needed I will update the firmware.

Thanks for your words.

Kind regards

PS: If I'm not wrong, your avatar shows an WeatherDuino unit in a beautiful box. Would you mind to share a bigger picture of it?

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