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  PCB headers/connectors
Posted by: WetCoast - Yesterday, 00:51 - Forum: Hardware Questions - Replies (5)

Hi All,
I'm looking for suggestions for header/connectors (or whatever you can them) to go on the TX board (V3.12). Specifically for the power, I2C, SHT2X, FAN, ETC connections.
I believe I would need the type that solder to the board and the mating half that I would plug into it.

hope that all makes sense!


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  Which software to use?
Posted by: WetCoast - 19-01-2019, 21:55 - Forum: Software Questions - Replies (8)

Hi All,
Still fumbling through all this, sorry for the dumb questions...
I'm currently working on building the TX board (WeatherDuino Pro2 TX v3.12) and thought, while I wait for parts, I'd look at the software.

I downloaded "WeatherDuino_Pro2_Compact_v2.1_20190110" and extracted the files. I got one error saying a '.gitignore' file already existed but it was only 14 bytes long and so I said skip.

I fired up Arduino 1.8.8 and opened "WeatherDuino_Pro2_Universal_TX_v7.0_b002" which also opened Config_options.h and Debug and Process_IDx and Routines. I believe that is correct.

I then clicked on the 'verify' button. After a while it said "WD_OneWire.h: No such file of directory

Sure enough I can't seem to find that file in the library directory.

Did I download the wrong software?
Do I need to download some other software that would include that library?
Do I need to include some other libraries that come with Arduino 1.8.8?

I await your sage words of wisdom. Wink 


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  Date and Time issue with WD Pro4 Wireless Display
Posted by: cjthomson - 17-01-2019, 23:32 - Forum: Software Questions - Replies (6)

Hello there

I've got a WeatherDuino Pro 2 system (TX v3.12 and RX V6.0) and a WeatherDuino 4Pro Wireless Display, all of this has been working well for quite a while now until a couple of days ago. The TX is running software v6.0_b007, the RX is running V4.0_b005 and the Wireless Display is running V4.0_b005. 

A couple of nights ago I decided to make a small change to the configuration of the Weather Display so that it would pick up the four day forecast from my Wunderground PWS. The change I made worked and it was pulling down the four day forecast from Wunderground. After a few minutes the date and time reset from the current time to 01 January 1970 00:00

After some checking through posts on here I decided to remove the Arduino IDE and do a fresh install of version 1.8.4 and worked with fresh downloads of the WD software from here. Once this was done I re-flashed the RX and the Wireless Display but the problem still seems to exist.

I enabled the RF and NTP debugging on the Wireless Display and monitored the output in the Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE. I noticed an RF packet type 127 was being received and at this point the date and time would go to 1st January 1970 00:00. On looking through the code and doing some checking elsewhere I can see that 127 packets set the clock on the Wireless Display. 

I can't understand why this would suddenly start happening, I've not made other changes to my setup. The RX unit is connected to a Raspberry Pi3 running the latest version of CumulusMX and it gets it's time from the Pi3. The date and time in CumulusMX is correct.

Has anyone seen this issue before? Does anyone have any suggestions of things to try?

Chris :-)

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  Bosch Sensortec BMP280 vs BME280 Sensor Confusion
Posted by: Werk_AG - 13-01-2019, 05:18 - Forum: Hardware Questions - Replies (12)

Currently there are many sellers on eBay that are selling Bosch BMP280 sensors as BME280! They even announce them as BME280. I believe that many of them don't even know the difference... others may be just cheating.
It already happen to me too. Ordered a lot of BME280 and had received BMP280... Obviously I was refunded, but had to wait until a new batch arrived.

AllanG, a member of the WeatherDuino Team discovered an interesting article which may help to identify the right type of chip by looking at the markings on the chips.

Here is the link to the full article: Bosch Sensortec BMP280 vs BME280 Sensor Confusion

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  WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS - Bug fix upgrade
Posted by: Werk_AG - 10-01-2019, 03:52 - Forum: WeatherDuino - Info, FAQ's and News - No Replies

WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS v8.1_b002 - Release date: 2019-01-10

This upgrade is highly recommended, specially for those that are already running any of the previous Pro2 PLUS v8.x software versions.

-This release fix an important bug which cause a reset of the rain counter on every receiver restart.
- monthRain data added to loop data. This is important for Weewx users.

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