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Question Receiver initialization question
Posted by: J.Jantti - 18-09-2020, 12:38 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hello everyone,
While waiting for the arrival of my Pro2 Compact, I have a question.

A quote from the Wiki-pages says this:

Quote:The first time a new receiver runs, it needs to perform a special initialization sequence. This initialization sequence ends after the receiver has received at least one data packet from each of the three main sensors (Temperature / Humidity, Wind and Rain). During the initialization process the screen will show three letters (T-W-R) that will change from Red to Green once the corresponding data packet has been received.
From the above, it is evident that if you don't have a Transmitter unit already working and transmitting data, the receiver will stay forever in the initialization sequence. This is why we recommend to anyone that is starting to build a WeatherDuino weather station, to always start by assembling the Transmitter unit first.
On subsequent restarts, the receiver also will remain in the initialization screen, until it receives data from the three main sensors referred above.

How I understand this, temperature, humidity and wind are probably reported faster/immediately to TX as those are likely to be present all the time (unless there's a sensor failure/disconnect, of course), but the rain gauge doesn't usually report anything until the rain collector tips over, since a tipping bucket-type rain gauge is just a simple Reed switch-operated circuit.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but wouldn't this mean that if there's a power failure and once resolved, the init process will not complete until the TX receives a single pulse from the rain gauge and reports it to RX?

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  Pro2Plus Parts List R18 and R19
Posted by: moolight0551 - 18-09-2020, 06:49 - Forum: Hardware Questions - Replies (2)

Hi, just building the Pro2Plus Rx 2.00 and see there are two resistors marked R18 and R19 with an asterisk in the parts list but can see no explanation of what the asterisk is meant to signify. I can see them labelled on the circuit board below the RTC connector but not installed in the picture of the circuit board and they are in the schematic as pull-up resistors for SDA_L and SCL_L. 

This has probably been answered before but I cannot find it. Please point me in the right direction.

Thanks Dave

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  WeatherDuino I2C bus extender
Posted by: Werk_AG - 17-09-2020, 19:29 - Forum: Circuit Boards (PCB) & Parts lists - No Replies

This small Extended I2C adapter, was specially designed to be used with the 3.3V version of the SHT31 Temperature / Humidity sensor.

Together with the Extended I2C circuit already present on our transmitter boards, this small adapter completes an Extended I2C bus, which allow installing the T/H sensor up to 10 meters* away from the transmitter.
Board measures only 30mm x 14mm.


* Distance between the sensor and the TX board, can even be increased to more than 50 meters, just by changing the value of 4 resistors, two on this adapter, and another two on the TX board.

Currently this Extended I2C pcb isn't available for sale, instead it is offered for free with any order of an WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact bundle.

Attached File(s)
.pdf   WeatherDuino_I2C_Bus_Extender_Schematic.pdf (Size: 104,41 KB / Downloads: 10)
.pdf   WeatherDuino_I2C_Bus_Extender_PartsList.pdf (Size: 9,96 KB / Downloads: 7)
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Sad WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact w/ Auriol H13726A not picking up signal
Posted by: pecival - 08-09-2020, 20:59 - Forum: Hardware Questions - Replies (3)

I've been fighting with this for 3 days now, but I has never been able to capture any traffic from my Auriol H13726A weather station.

Here are the changes I made to the code:

#define TH_SOURCE       3   // 0= Temp/Hum sensor connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit 1, ..., 3 for Auriol RF Temp / Hum
#define WIND_SOURCE     3   // 0= Wind instruments connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit 1, ..., 3 for Auriol RF Wind Speed & Dir
#define RAIN_SOURCE     3   // 0= Rain Gauge connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit 1, ..., 3 for Auriol RF Rain Gauge
#define SOLAR_SOURCE    9   // 0= Solar Radiation sensor connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit1, ..., 9 for not used
#define UV_SOURCE       9   // 0= UV sensor connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit1, ..., 9 for not used......#define PRINT_DEBUG_WIFI

Yet, the weatherduino never receives anything. The serial console doesn't show anything beyond the wifi connection is made.
I tried several strategies - remove batteries from the sensors and restart the head unit, then powering up weatherduino; factory reset on the weatherduino,...
My board didn't arrive with an antenna, so I attached my own (i'm saying this as am not sure it is a right kind as photo in this thread made me unsure).

[Image: jSa3rAsPieR8NP2?x=1916&y=617&a=true&file...calingup=0]
I also tried to stick in one of these, but had no luck with them either:
[Image: 433MHz-Helical-antenna-Copper-spring-antenna.jpg]

Here I tried to hit channel/search on the head unit to pair it with my rain sensor again - the head unit picked up the packets quite soon, with weatherduino staying idle.
[Image: XxkBpGCSSg7CjFs?x=1916&y=617&a=true&file...calingup=0]

I still hope I'm doing something wrong and there's no HW issue with my WD. Could you guys help me to troubleshoot the issue?
Thanks a lot!

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  Wunderground disconnect after long cut
Posted by: lamda - 22-08-2020, 15:33 - Forum: Software Questions - Replies (3)


After a long wifi cut (many Hours) , the (re) connection with wunderground is not OK. You see the same thing. Do you have a solution?

Weatherduino Pro2 Compact  : P2ESP8266_RX_v4.0_b004


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