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Solar Panel Power supply to TX Board
Hi All,

I've read the threads here, but they are a few years old.  What is the current thinking on solar panels, controller and batteries?  If nothing has changed, fine ... just wondering Smile


P.S. It would be good if people have particular recommendations for China imports, because I do find that digging down to the actual specifications can be difficult (principally because I don't know much about panels & control units).

P.P.S I live in the UK (Yorkshire) so I would be interested to hear how people have got on from the original discussions in with higher latitudes.
Hi, somewhere there is reference to a 50W panel for our latitudes (and weather!) although in the thread above perhaps 20W is thought sufficient. Panels here in mid winter produce < 4% of their rated output and a number of dull short days in a row almost nothing.

I am only a few degrees North of you. I confess though, that I use a 2A 12V supply (not sure of actual output probably 13V+) and a 15m+ long piece  of old lawnmower wire carrying 12V , nice and thick to reduce resistance and voltage drop. Both TX units work fine with this. (TX Units currently showing 12 and 13 volts at TX board.)
Hi Ian,

I fully agree with JT118 powering option.
For latitudes like UK, I think a 50W solar panel is needed as also a 14 to 18Ah battery, to cover some days of low energy production. The option for a 2A 12V mains adaptor, makes installation easier and less expensive.

Yes, with regard to fixed line powering of TX unit, it is the easiest option in my case. I was wondering though about a second unit (if I need it), and also power outages ... we get quite a few in my area.


One of the benefits of using two TX units is allowing a better placement of the weather instruments.

Per example:
- One unit for the wind sensors, which can use quite long cables and may allow that the electronic parts (TX unit) could be installed inside the house. This option also brings another vantages: easy to power, easy access for software upgrades, no need of a waterproof enclosure.

- A second unit for weather instruments which usually should be placed near ground level (2 meters), and can't use long cables, such as Temperature / Humidity. The Rain Gauge can use long cables, however ideally it should also placed 1 to 2 meter above ground level.

Off course this all depends on the local conditions, not always is possible to reach the ideal conditions.

In any case, as previously said by JT118 said, one TX unit is enough to connect all the required weather instruments.
(01-07-2020, 22:44)chsims1 Wrote: Yes, with regard to fixed line powering of TX unit, it is the easiest option in my case. I was wondering though about a second unit (if I need it), and also power outages ... we get quite a few in my area.


I bought a second hand UPS. A few on ebay.
Hi Ian,

I live in Ireland, about 52 degrees North. I have 50 W solar panel and 22Ah Yuasa battery, in our dark and dreary winters it is not enough, the station usually dies in mid January. Running 12V wire is impractical in my situation, I have bought a second battery to get through the winter. Your winter might not be quite so dull as in Ireland.

I bought cheap and cheerful panel and controller from UK through Ebay, spent a bit more on good quality batteries.

Hope this helps,
What type of controller do you use ? MPPT or PWM ?

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