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Outdoor Temperature - sht10 - 31
Hi qldbureau,

Thanks for sharing your installation.

From my experience, the worst enemy of these sensors is the dust. Dust accumulated on the sensor combined with high levels of air moisture kills them very quickly. Those that are using ventilated radiation shields, must take special care when building the sensor chamber and, as noted by JT18, at least use a filter cap on the sensor.
I never tried a sensor model like the one you chose, but due the reason explained above I believe it can be a good choice. It would be interesting follow how it performs over the time.

Out of curiosity, up to now my only problems with Chinese SHT31 sensors are with the ones I have working inside my home, and I believe that all are related to not having them protected against dust. Problems have always been with the moisture readings.
Currently, outdoor I have two radiation shields, one with an SHT21 the other with an SHT31. The SHT21 is working for almost 4 years, and the SHT31 was installed two years ago, and it is still working (its the one that provides T/H data to MeteoCercal website).
MeteoCercal - Air Quality Data
Click here to watch at my ThingSpeak channel

These SHT31 seem better quality;

and from China:

better than these?:

which I have used so far.

I am getting the Closed Cube one, not too bad a price as it comes with an SF2 filter.
(01-12-2018, 04:55)qldbureau Wrote: Hello everyone. I have commissioned my new and first SHT31, the one as shown in the link at the first post. I built a new radiation shield to house it in as I said I would. I am sorry I did not stop to take construction photographs and I should have.

Good job! Nice.  Smile
Best Regards

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Thank-you for the nice comments Werk & Hornychz. It was quite a bit of time invested in my garage those few days and it was getting hot already.
At the same time I was monitoring the amazing 3D printed shield to go with the Air Quality units. Which by the way, the shield you see in my temperature setup was destined to be originally. The saucers were too large to make sense with the box, but it works so well just by a window even closed, a ventilated box under the eaves I think would be admirable.

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