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Difficulty with AQM II - November 2020 software upgrade

Good morning,
I tried to load the new software to my AQMII using as suggested IDE 1.8.13 (for the first time, have been using 1.8.12) and board ESP8266 2.7.4. 
The board menu system seems to have changed format in that when you select “board” in  the tools menu now I get a choice of Board Manager, Arduino AVR boards, or ESP8266 Boards (2.7.4).
I selected the ESP8266 option and then LOLIN(WEMOS) D1R2 & mini .
The software seemed to upload OTA but when it completed the unit just froze with the completed bar still there and would do nothing. When i cycled the power on the AQM, I just get a blank screen.
Any ideas??


Please double checked your personal settings on Config_Options?
Specially check if the type of Temperature / Humidity sensor match the one installed on the board.

Check also this one:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
//   Define use of OLED Display
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define USE_DISPLAY  1       // 0= No Display, 1= Use Display

Default option is 0= No Display


My apologies, out of practice lately, missed the line re the display.
All good now
Kind Regards

Hi Jim,

No need for apologies. It already happened to me several times... I have units with and without the display.
Have a nice Sunday.

Kind regards

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