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3D printed box for Air Quality Monitor II

(18-01-2020, 09:49)uncle_bob Wrote:  I started building the case. It had some issue with sticking to the bed .........

Is this PLA?
Do you have aligned table?

And probably not enough Smile

I'll double check and reprint. It definitely not an issue with your design, just my cheap printer setup.

Here's some photos showing the warping.

[Image: case1.jpg]

[Image: case2.jpg]

[Image: case3.jpg]

Throw the original build plate away (if present) and go to the glazier and order a table-sized glass.

I the changed up the default bed back a month or two back, with a ultrabase knock off. Sometimes it sticks well, then sometimes it doesn't. Normally putting down glue on it works. Getting the bed level on four points is now impossible. You get one corner good, then the other corner goes out. The youtuber "The First Layer" and few other second opinions say to just level on 3points, seems to work better.

Anyway, 3D printing has been interesting ongoing journey, assembling, modding, marlin firmware, octopi (a must for any USB and SD host printer).
Next weekend I'll print the outer case again using some glue and maybe a brim.
Cheers for the great design! It's very good!

Hi, Jarek,

Finally I got to print the box ... (The picture is still completely unworked.)

[Image: IMG_20200123_231511-upr-sm.jpg]

But I have a problem with the front panel, I'm doing something wrong. When I use the inner brim, the logo is hardly legible at all.
And if I don't use it, the window will twist.
Would you advise me on what I'm making a mistake? (Printing with PLA, 0.2 mm, glass bed 80 °C, filament 200 °C, software Ultimaker Cura 4.4.1
printer Creality Ender 3)

[Image: IMG_20200123_231627-upr-sm.jpg]

Thank you.

Best Regards

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I printed mine with the logo up and with supports. They came out pretty good.

[Image: IMG_1644.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1645.jpg]

See what Jarek says, but I think that the bed temp may be too hot. I print at 60c for PLA but some printers don't even have heated beds and can print PLA OK (but not ABS). Good luck mate Smile

(23-01-2020, 23:45)hornychz Wrote:  .....

I'm not a specialist but I think the nozzle is too close to the table. This printout requires precise adjustment of the table level. I don't know Cura well, but check if the print preview is correct. Brim is completely unnecessary.
Aaaa....  Use max 3 strokes on the walls.

Thank you, boys,
I will try to again...  Idea

Best Regards

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