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New WeatherDuino installation in Italy
(20-01-2021, 11:04)xxDvDxx Wrote: ...
the external temperature, show weird values and most of them are like -204 degrees ,

(19-01-2021, 08:53)xxDvDxx Wrote: I’m testing it , cause I think the lower temperatures caused low power battery and weak signal also, so I moved the unit closer to sensors and had weirds Wi-Fi signal loss... right now can’t go to check batteries in the external wind/ temperature sensor so I will check it on next days when weather will be better . Since I moved the unit closer to sensors I didn’t see negative values going mad like other days .
I suspect it’s the battery like happened in the rain gauge. I’m thinking that would  be nice to have a battery sensor level monitor.


I don't think those weird temperature values are caused by low batteries. Each Auriol data packet have a CRC and WeatherDuino check the sent CRC against the received CRC.
Once again, WeatherDuino outputs a lot of data related to reception of Auriol data packets. Just activate the


at end of Config_Options, by removing the comment on that line, then compile and upload. Open the serial monitor and you should see something like this:

T/H - Calculated CRC: 0  - Packet CRC: 0
      Sensor Type: 2
  Auriol_PacketID: 00000110
Wireless_SensorID: 110 - 6
    Wireless_Data: 100000010100001001010000000000

Auriol Outside Temp. (ºC): 16.0
Auriol Outside RH (%): 29.0
Rain - Calculated CRC: 0  - Packet CRC: 0
      Sensor Type: 1
  Auriol_PacketID: 11010010
Wireless_SensorID: 11010010 - 210
    Wireless_Data: 1101100100000000000000000000000

Auriol Total Rain tips: 1
Wind Avg - Calculated CRC: 1000000  - Packet CRC: 1000000
      Sensor Type: 3
  Auriol_PacketID: 00000110
Wireless_SensorID: 110 - 6
    Wireless_Data: 1101000000000000000000001000000

Auriol Wind Avg (Km/h): 0.0

(20-01-2021, 11:04)xxDvDxx Wrote: ... and then I did a restore to factory as always I do after update .

There is no need to manually do a factory reset on every update. The software includes logic to do it automatically when the upgrade will require it.
A Factory Reset should only be done in special cases when there are problems with the rain readings.

Returning to the occasional abnormal temperature readings: could it be that there are in your house any other RF temperature sensor, style those sold on LIDL?
Most of those sensors use the Auriol protocol, while they not interfere with the original Auriol console, they can interfere with WeatherDuino. I'm working on improving even more the Auriol routines, and soon the interference of other extra RF sensors, will be addressed too.

Another hint, when testing, there is no need to put the receiver very close source of signal (rain gauge or outside transmitter), keep them at the usual working distance.


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