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How to use with Cumulus
The AuriolDuino system was merged into the WeatherDuino Pro2 system.
For more info please click here.

The info below is outdated, and not apply to the WeatherDuino Pro2 system.

[Image: howtocumulos_image001.jpg]

- Install Easyweather_RS232_Logger (freeware)

1) Open Easyweather_RS232_Logger (this data logger was been specially designed to the AuriolDuino system)
2) Go to Config and there…
4) Click on COM Ports and configure your Arduino COM Port and Baud rate
3) Click on File Location and configure location for your easyweather.dat file
4) Click on Reset Interval and select interval for auto clean the easywaether.dat file (1h, 12h or 24h)
4) Check if you need to configure some other setting
6) It’s done! Start logging by clicking on the large Red Button on top right (Green when logging)
7) Click on Menu View and select / deselect active info windows.

[Image: EW_RS232_logger_02.JPG]

-Install Cumulus software (its free, but if you like it, please donate to Cumulus author)

1) Open Cumulus
2) Click on Configuration
3) Click on Station
4) Choose in Station Type: EasyWeather (using dat file)
5) In Settings click on Calculate Dew Point and Calculate Wind Chill (optional)
6) EasyWeather Interval (choose anything below 0.5, I’m using 0.01)
7) In EasyWeather.dat, locate the easyweater.dat that you created earlier \Programs\Elmita Software\RS232 Data Logger\LOGS and click on it. OK.
8) Click on OK!

[Image: howtocumulos_image003.jpg]

Wait a few seconds and you should start receiving the weather data on your computer.

You must keep Easyweather_RS232_Logger always logging to Cumulus receive data.

This tutorial is only need to do once (when you install Cumulus and Easyweather_RS232_Logger), after the initial setup, when you want Cumulus to receive weather data (even if you restart or turn off the computer), it’s only needed to open Easyweather_RS232_Logger "start logging" and open Cumulus.

Cumulus update when the Arduino receives new weather data. Usually takes 31seconds for Wind, +-2minutes for Temperature/Humidity and 37 seconds for Rain.

I recommend waiting at least 2 minutes to start Cumulus, after clicking "start logging". If you open Cumulus right after "start logging" it will appear zeros in Temperature or Humidity or etc... this happens because the Arduino still didn’t receive all weather packages, so it will mess up your Cumulus statistics.

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