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3D printed box for Pro2 Plus Receivers

(09-10-2018, 22:11)Werk_AG Wrote:  Looks fantastic   Smile

[Image: 65a0d38be681f2aee132587c0624162b_preview_featured.jpg]

Indeed great work Smile

And much faster then my working cycles which are expanded over month…

Best Regards,

Thank you. I am happy  Big Grin
Thumbs Up 

Congratulations once again!   Smile

Best Regards

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I was wondering if anyone has purchased a 3d printer after Jarek's outstanding effort with the enclosure. I also am looking at the Creality Ender 3 due to the positive reviews of this printer. Is there any other I should consider? Feedback would be appreciated.

Hello Ian,

I know nothing about 3D printers, what I can say is that I'm surprised with the print quality of the Creality Ender 3. Jarek, who designed the excellent enclosure for the Pro2 Plus, had the kindness to send me some samples which I received today.

Having it at my hands, I most couldn't believe! Jarek did and impressive work with attention to every single detail. I wasn't aware that a 3D printer could do a such impressive job. Even the WeatherDuino logo is engraved on the front panel. Everything fits like a glove.

Soon I will publish some pictures of a fully assembled unit on this fantastic case. All surfaces are smooth and agreeable.

Judging by the samples I have, seems that the Creality Ender 3 is an excellent printer, however I'm convinced that Jarek expertise on 3D printing as greatly contributed to the excellent final result, fair away from everything I had seen printed on 3D printers.


(25-10-2018, 21:59)Werk_AG Wrote:  ....Jarek expertise on 3D printing ....

Ha,  3 months...  Big Grin

(25-10-2018, 22:11)jarekh3 Wrote:  
(25-10-2018, 21:59)Werk_AG Wrote:  ....Jarek expertise on 3D printing ....

Ha,  3 months...  Big Grin

And how many years in 3D design?  Smile

3D ?
three months, too  Big Grin

So you are very talented.  Wink

I agree that the printer contributed only a small part to the final result. Like most things, planning is the key. I will go ahead with my purchase when I return home in a couple of weeks time and print Jarek's box as my first project. Thanks for the responses.

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