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New annemometer question

I powered it up and hooked the output to a cro and it seemed to be in steps as I spun the unit by hand and as it came down in speed it seemed to drop in small steps. I will do it again and just check..I will spin it with controlled compressed air and see what it actually is

(21-08-2018, 13:42)JT118 Wrote:  Like this ?

Yes this is the one I have

I wonder if it would not have been easier to get an anemometer with pulse output. I may be wrong but I believe that the same manufacturer also has models with pulse output. The price is similar on all versions.

As some had said before, its possible that it can work by doing changes on the hardware and software, but this isn't a recommended route, as it will make that future software upgrades be a nightmare, or even impossible.
WeatherDuino supports more types of weather instruments than any other system that I'm aware, but isn't realistic expect that it could support every model / type available on the market, specially when they require different connections and read methods.


Hi Werk

I happened to pick this one up for a different project...a tracking solar array this is the one they supply to work on that controller. I could quite easily retrofit it with the inspeed electroics as I have a set of pcb for them as a spare. As a side note on that since using the inspeed wind speed unit the gust issues I was having have all gone. The inspeed works really really well

(22-08-2018, 22:45)markkkk42 Wrote:  Hi Werk

I happened to pick this one up for a different project...

Hi Mark,
Sorry, I thought you had bought it to use with the WeatherDuino.



Hi Werk

I tested it last night a bit more closely. It looks like the output voltage does step in 0.02V steps as the speed increases or decreases and it outputs from 0 to 4.8V

It is used as a switch to tilt the solar panels to look straight up if the wind gets too great. Its part of a sun tracking controller for solar panels off ebay. I see you can buy them separetly for about 58 dollars. The inspeed ones cost be about $150 each landed here. I would recommend both the wind direction and anemometer versions they are certainly far better than the davis ones I originally had. My unit up at my farm is working really well. I still have to finish off the one for home. I had CumulusMX working with it all originally but for some reason it crashed when I went to install back at the farm so I just set the weatherduino to do the output to Wunderground. The wifi issue I had that was driving me nuts was the wifi module. Once I replaced it then no issues. The wifi would log onto my router but would not output the data to Wunderground, just replaced the module and it has worked fine since


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