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Printed Circuit Boards for the WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS system

[Image: WD_Pro2_Plus_logo.png]

To build an WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS weather station, the minimal requirements are one receiver unit (RX), plus one transmitter unit (TX). The Pro2 PLUS system supports up to four TX units.
The Wireless Display units are optional, but a very useful add-on.

WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS Receiver

WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS RX v2.00
Board size: 99.06mm x 86.36mm

[Image: WeatherDuinoPro2Plus_RX_v200_RevA_rdm.jpg]

Board only: 16.90€ - In Stock - More than 10 units
Board supplied as pictured, with all SMD parts already assembled: 54.90€ - This version is no more available.

Parts List

WeatherDuino Pro2 Universal Transmitter
Industrially produced, double face high quality HASL free boards.

WeatherDuino Pro2 TX v3.13
Board size: 99.06mm x 59.36mm

[Image: WDPro2_TXv313_net.jpg]

PCB supplied as pictured: 11.90€ -  In Stock
Parts List

[Image: WirelessDisplay_4Pro_logo01.png]

Optional WiFi WeatherDuino Wireless Display Unit

WeatherDuino 4Pro WD v1.20_RevA

[Image: WeatherDuino_4Pro_WD_ESP8266_04_web.jpg]

Supplied fully assembled, including the TFT display

RF + WiFi Version (includes the RF receiver module and SMA connector): 47.90€ - In Stock
WiFi Version (Compatible with Pro2 PLUS & Pro2 Compact systems): 42.90€ - In Stock

Shipping Costs (Air Mail with tracking number)

Euro Zone and UK: 8.20€
Any country outside Euro Zone: 11.40€
(Combined shipping: up to, any 4 boards per packet)

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal only

To order please send me a private message (PM) with details about type of boards and quantities.

3D printable boxes

There are available for free files to 3D printing several types of enclosures for the devices listed above. Please visit the WeatherDuino WiKi to get the download links.

Image bellow is an example of a box for the Pro2 PLUS receiver

[Image: pro2plus_case.jpg]
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