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my meteorological station Polda.t

Finally, I get 9x% done. From buying Auriol Station in Lidl and finding your amazing site, an incredible year. I miss your work because it took me only six months to assemble, revive and test. And I just install it according to your suggestion that I only fix my mistakes and mainly packing into some box. Basically, I followed Mr Hornych's suggestion and his articles published on where I took inspiration from the cabinet installation including Raspberry Pi for the CumulusMX program (the finishing is mine weak point). Just learning Linux for Pi took a long time, but it was worth it. The station is reliable and in addition to the upgrade fw, or linux runs completely reliably. As well as the outdoor part). I've fought a bit with AirQualityMonitoring, but it's more like encapsulation, otherwise it's also running reliably.
In fact, everything is running "home" (it's just joy) and I do not have my own domain, however, I host my Synology device on my Synology, including SQL, and I see it out only because the provider has a public IP although it can change at any time. That's why I do not want to present her much. I also had the idea of editing (writing) some www pages for solar charging statistics and their control. But I found it to be a very complicated part that I finally chose a Czech template that fulfilled everything I wanted. In particular, charts for visualizing saved data that interest me. (it's not a problem to learn, but the results come out for a year). I've been able to track down the PWS weather for Android and have everything I wanted from the weather station.

But it's really an amateur weather station, because it's located on the facade of a panel house. On the shoulder arm with a small photo panel and the big two are on the balcony, I could not even push them. Still waiting for me in the summer to push the "rain gauge" away from the house and make the heating for the winter. Also, refine the radiation shield on the thermometer probe and add the fan.
I have greatly appreciated the "forum" where I have been searching for answers all the time about things that I either do not understand or did not work properly, and I have always found the answer. Thanks to everyone who contributes here, it's a great job.
I still attach several photos and the station's www address.



[Image: rx_raspi.jpg] [Image: wd.jpg]

[Image: tx_1.jpg] [Image: tx_2.jpg]
Congratulations. Good job!
(Něco je mi povědomé.  Smile )
Best Regards

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Hi Polda.t

Thank you for you post. I think it can be inspiring ... Things can take time, but when we really want, we end up by finish them!

Congratulations, your assembling looks really good. I'm sure Zdenek advices had been very useful, he is probably the most experienced person in high quality assemblies of WeatherDuino systems.

Jsem rád, že se vám to líbí.

MeteoCercal - Air Quality Data
Click here to watch at my ThingSpeak channel

(17-02-2019, 23:54)hornychz Wrote: Congratulations. Good job!
(Něco je mi povědomé.  Smile )

Yes, you were my great model, I just did not want to order the big cabinet in China and I got it in the highest of GME. (unfortunately, the panels do not go) or I have not done anything for a long time and so I forgot a lot of procedures. After two months of learning Linux, the screen is now resting because I've managed everything over PuTTas so far. I still have a decent shade of the temperature sensor and the addition of a fan to keep the temperature so "not jump".

I'm used to "read" first and gather information and then assemble. Thanks all the forum.  Wink

(váš materiál na mi sloužil jako vzor  Shy )
Very nice job my friend!
I too have been tinkering in the shed over the last few days and will update my thread once It's ready to show it off Smile
(18-02-2019, 10:31)uncle_bob Wrote: Very nice job my friend!
I too have been tinkering in the shed over the last few days and will update my thread once It's ready to show it off Smile

Thank you, I just copy your wonderful work, including the forum.  Smile

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