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Wind measurement error sources

last monday as some of you might know we had stormy weather here.
The wind was (at least compared to what is normal here) quiet strong and I measured one single gust of about 160km/h.
See graph attached (note the units on the Y-Axis are wrong - it should be km/h).

From all I know it was a very strong gust and also some station here measured values in this range.

I'm using a FO anemometer mounted about 2.5m over the ground.

Config is like this:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Define Wind Speed and Wind Gust resolution - Read carefully
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define VP2_WIND_RESOLUTION 2 // If set to 2, set Cumulus Wind Speed and Wind Gust multipliers to 0.448. Wind Resolution 0.72 Km/h
// If set to 1, set Cumulus Wind Speed and Wind Gust multipliers to 0.224. Wind Resolution 0.36 Km/h
// WARNING !!!
// Setting this variable to 2 or 1 allows a better wind speed and gust resolution,
// but also limits the maximum readings to 183.6 Km/h and 91.8 Km/h, respectively.
// If set to 0, system uses Standard Davis wind resolution (1 mph or 0.1mph with LOOP2).
// Weather Display users should set this option to 0 - Standard Davis wind resolution
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Define use of Wind Gust Spike prevention routines (mostly for FO anemometers)
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define WIND_SPIKECONTROL 1 // 0= Disable, 1= Enable

Multipiliers in WeeWx are also correct.

Can you imagine any other sources influencing the reading besides of the FO Anemometer.

I can not say the measurement is wrong but I think the reading is too much. 130km/h or around that would seem more realistic.


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