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Software v013 release announcement and overview

WeatherDuino Pro2 v013 - Release date 2014-11-17

With the contributions of all Beta Testers, and after many many working hours, I'm very proud to announce the immediate release of the new software v013 for the WeatherDuino Pro2 system.

v013 is not just another software release! It brings a very significant change in how the WeatherDuino Pro2 system can be used.
I'm talking about the new relay data function. Just by adding an extra TX module in main receiver unit, allows it to wirelessly relay your weather data to other TFT displays, wich can be placed all over your house (bed rooms, living rooms, kitchen, porch, etc).

Each Wireless Display unit, can be built at a very low cost, they don't need to have barometric pressure sensor nor RTC module. Date and time on all remote screens, is synchronized every hour with the main RX unit, which in turn will sync with your PC clock everyday at 04h00.

I take backward compatibility very seriously. This new software v013 is fully backward compatible with all previously released WeatherDuino Pro2 RX boards. All of them already have pins for connecting the extra TX module, required for the new relay data function.
Info on how to connect the extra TX module to your existing RX unit is available on the forum.

The extra TX module is optional, it's not necessary for the normal operation of your WeatherDuino Pro2 receiver. Install it only if you want to have additional screens to show your weather data at several places of your home or office.

In December 2014 will be released a new hardware and software combo, just for remote screens. It will be called WeatherDuino Pro2 Wireless Display. Will have support for 2.4" 320x240 and 1.8" 160x128 TFT displays, and off course it will maintain support for 20x4 LCD.

But that is not all...

Software v013 also adds support to control TFT backlight. Now you can turn it on or off with a single button click, and also set in user config options, a auto timeout.
To use this new function, RX boards prior to v4.xx, require a small hardware mod (already published on the forum). This mod is optional, your system will work normally without it, you just can't turn off the TFT backlight.
RX boards v4.xx already support TFT backlight control without any hardware mod.

Data layout on TFT display was also redesigned, now it shows more data fields and is refreshed every time a new data packet is received (max. every 5 seconds).

The sending timings for the data packets also have changed. If you have an already running system, it's recommend that you upgrade the software in your outside unit (transmitter) with the new TX v013.

Many other less visible changes, were made. Enjoy it. Your feedback is appreciated.

[Image: WD_Pro2_logo02.png]

[Image: WeatherDuinoSystem.jpg]


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