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Old Pro2 Wireless Display


I have a Pro2 wireless display which I am try to upgrade.
The version on the PCB is v2.01 (no touch screen) but the latest software for the Pro2 wireless display says it is only for v2.2 and above. Any mods I can do to make it compatible or should I just buy a later version?

I also have a Pro2 PLUS system I have built up and was hoping to use the wireless display with this system - is this possible? I already have a Pro4 wireless display which is operating via WiFi but I thought I could also use this via RF.


Hi techoz,

The two methods (WiFi or RF) of transmitting data to the Wireless Display units can't be used at the same time, you will have RF or WiFi.
You can have as much Wireless display units as you want, but all should be configured to receive by RF or by WiFi.
The Wifi method is recommended and preferable to RF.

Regarding your question about making latest software for the Pro2 Wireless Display (board v2.2 and above) compatible with the old PCB is v2.01 (no touch screen), I don't remember the changes from one to another version, but you may try comparing the code of the two software versions, and adapt the code, maybe the changes are just the touch screen support.


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