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Bulk software upgrade

Hello to all,

For some time now we have wanted to update the WeatherDuino software to use Arduino Json version 6.x, instead of the old-fashioned version 5.x
The current moment, when many people are at home, quarantined, seemed appropriate for this update.

Thus, is already available updated software versions for the following devices:

- Pro2 PLUS receiver
- Pro2 Compact receiver
- WiFi Wireless Display Units
- Air Quality Monitor II

What should I do to upgrade the software on my devices?
- Download the new software, and replace the installed ArduinoJson library, with the new version included in the software package.

In many cases, besides the change to ArduinoJson v6.x, the upgraded software includes also other changes like bug fixes or other improvements. So, upgrading all devices to latest software version is highly recommended .

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