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General Cumulus 1 or CumulusMX configuration

[Image: WD_Pro2_logo02.png]

In alternative to the info posted in this topic, you can also consult the WeatherDuino Wiki for a more complete and updated info.
WeatherDuino Wiki - Configuring Cumulus Software

Please check this topic every time you upgrade the software. Cumulus settings may have changed. .


General Cumulus software configuration for use with WeatherDuino Pro2 or WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS

Cumulus 1

Configure Com Port of your WeatherDuino Pro2 console / receiver (RX Unit).

[Image: Cumulus_config03.jpg]

Recommended Station Settings.

[Image: Cumulus_config01.jpg]
If you are using the WeatherDuino Pro2 data logger functionality, also enable the Use Data Logger on Cumulus

Cumulus Multipliers
Mandatory Calibration Settings (give particular attention to these settings)

[Image: Cumulus_config02.jpg]

Wind Speed and Gust settings

WeatherDuino Pro2 have three possible values for Wind Speed and Gust resolution, user configurable on the software.

WeatherDuino Pro2 Default Resolution (0.72Km/h): Set Wind Speed and Wind Gust Cumulus multipliers to 0.448
WeatherDuino Pro2 Extended Resolution (0.36Km/h): Set Wind Speed and Wind Gust Cumulus multipliers to 0.224
Davis Default Resolution (1mph / 1.6Km/h): Set Wind Speed and Wind Gust Cumulus multipliers to 1.
CAUTION: With extended resolution the maximum readings of Wind Speed or Wind Gust are limited to 91.8 Km/h.

Rainfall settings

Adjust the Cumulus multiplier according to this formula:

Multiplier = collector type / 0.2 (values in mm)

As an example, for Fine Offset rain gauges (0.280 mm) the Rainfall multiplier must be set to 1.400

For RF Rain Gauges from brands such as Auriol H13726, Ventus W155 , Hama EWS 1500, Meteoscan w155 w160, Alecto WS-3500, Balance RF-WS100, set RainFall multiplier to 1.250


To configure CumulusMX to work with WeatherDuino Pro2, simple configure it choosing the same options and the same multipliers than for Cumulus 1. However its required that you edit the Cumulus.ini file, and under the [Station] section, add this line:


You may also need to add the following lines, under the [Station] section .


If you are running CumulusMX under a Linux SO, as is the case with a Raspberry PI don't forget to configure the USB port in Cumulus.ini using Linux syntax:

WeatherDuino Pro2: /dev/ttyUSB0" (or 1 or 2 or 3, depending on which USB port the RX unit is connected to the RPi
WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS: /dev/ttyACM0

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