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The AuriolDuino system was merged into the WeatherDuino Pro2 system

There are great news for the owners of weather stations like the Auriol H13726, Ventus W155, Hama EWS 1500, Meteoscan w155 / w160, Alecto WS-3500 and Balance RF-WS100.

The AuriolDuino system was merged into the WeatherDuino Pro2 system.

From now on, owners of Auriol weather stations (and compatibles) can also benefit from all the advantages offered by the WeatherDuino Pro2 system:

- Davis Vantage emulation
- Hardware data logger
- Direct connection to all weather software which support a Davis Vantage weather station (Cumulus1 or Cumulus MX is recommended)
- And many others...

- For all the weather stations mentioned above, all that is needed is a receiver unit based in a WeatherDuino Pro2 RX board. For those that will prefer a fully assembled and tested receiver unit, it is available too.

[Image: WeatherDuinoPro2_RXv600_assembled.jpg]

Later if you decide to upgrade your weather station to a full WeatherDuino Pro2 system, which supports a wide range of types and brands of weather instruments, you can continue to use the same receiver unit.

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