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How to upgrade WeatherDuino Pro2 Software

Following posts include instructions about how to upgrade WeatherDuino Pro2 Software.


Upgrade from v013 to WeatherDuino Pro2 v1.4

WeatherDuino Pro2 v1.4 is backward compatible with all previously released RX / TX board versions, but some functionalities as the data logger, are only available with RX boards v4.0x onwards

The upgrade from any software version to V1.4 no matter you intend to use the hardware data logger or not, is a major upgrade. I will try to write here some important headlines, that I recommend to be followed.

Lets start with an advice:
Already it rained today? If you upgrade now, you will lose the total accumulated today rain. Better do it when the today rain counter displays zero.

Said that, lets proceed:

- Shut down your weather software (Cumulus or any other).
- Install all the supplied Arduino libraries, if needed overwrite some old ones you my have from previous software versions.
- Start by upgrading all your TX units to software v1.4. Before programing the units, check all the user configurable options, they are now in a separate file. In Arduino IDE, click on the Config_TX tab you will find them. Carefully check each one, some options are new!
- Check if it compiles without errors. If not, check if you have installed all the supplied libraries.
- If it compiles well, proceed to programing the TX unit. If you have more than one TX unit, remember to configure the TX unit ID for each one before programming it.

Now lets go for the RX unit:

The v1.4 software now uses the eeprom located on the RTC module to store some data. Likelly this will not cause any special concern, but just to be sure, do a small test to check if the RTC eeprom is at the address where the software expects to find it. Use the attached I2C Scanner utility.

You should get something like this

I2C device found at address 0x27 !
I2C device found at address 0x57 !
I2C device found at address 0x68 !
I2C device found at address 0x77 !

If you get something different, won't worry, there is certainly a solution. If you already know the solution, go ahead, if not, just report it on the forum.

Upgrading the RX software

- As usual open the WeatherDuino RX software in your Arduino IDE.
Click on the Config_RX tab and carefully check (change if needed) all user configurable options.
Don't enable the data logger functionality if you don't have the required flash memory already installed in your RX board.
- Check if it compiles without errors. If not, check if you have installed all the supplied libraries.
- If it compiles well, proceed to programing the RX unit. Before start the upload process, turn the VP1 switch to open position, and close it immediately after the upload process completes.

Now wait! Don't try to connect your weather software right now .

Two minutes after the software upload process ends, the system will auto-reboot. After the auto-reboot, wait at least more to minutes before attempting to start Cumulus (or any other software you use).
If you are using an LCD display you will see some messages during the process.

WeatherDuino Pro2 v1.4 doesn't require any changes in your current Cumulus configuration. However to use the data logger functionality, you must also activate it in Cumulus, and obviously have the required flash memory in your RX board.

And that's all. Enjoy!

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Upgrade from v013 or v1.4 to WeatherDuino Pro2 v1.5

WeatherDuino Pro2 v1.5 is backward compatible with all previously released RX, TX and WD boards, but to use some of the newly supported wind instruments a small modification on TX v2.50 boards is required.

* If you are upgrading from v013 to v1.5, follow the same guidelines written in the post above.
* If you are upgrading from v1.4 to v1.5, just upgrade the software on all units to v1.5 (RX, TX and WD).

Remember: Always check user config options for each software. Default options, often are not suitable for you.


Notes about upgrading RX software from v1.5 b0xx to v1.5 b013

- This is an important upgrade. Initialization sequence routines were much improved. The initial wait time, before you could start Cumulus (or other) is no more fixed in two minutes. Now this time can be as short as only 30 seconds, but also can be a little longer, depending on your reception conditions (better reception, less time).
The improvement is even more significant, for systems running for the first time, where before, the first initialization sequence also took other two minutes.
Now, the Com_LED remains ON until you will be able to start you preferred weather software (Cumulus or other).
At least one TX unit must be already working and sending Temp /Hum, Wind and Rain data, otherwise the RX unit never leaves the initialization sequence.

There is a new special Test Mode setting in Config_RX options. Enabling it, allows starting the RX unit without a working TX unit, but while the RX unit is running in Test Mode, it's not possible to connect it to any weather software, nor record to the data logger.

- Extra Sensors have a new easier and more logical mapping scheme. Instructions and examples of use are on the code, check the Config_RX tab.

Note: Today Rain, if any, may be lost after upgrading to WeatherDuino Pro2 RX v1.5_b013

Always check user config options. Default options, often are not suitable for you.


Upgrade from any prior version to WeatherDuino Pro2 v2.0

The upgrade process is straightforward and should occur without any problem, just follow these simple procedures.
Unless you now change your previously used wind resolution setting, or have changed any of your weather instruments, there is no need to do any change in your current Cumulus software configuration.

Get the software
- Download the latest WeatherDuino Pro2 software package.
- Extract it to a folder in your computer.

Install Arduino libraries
- v2.0 uses a new LiquidCrystal-I2C library. Backup your existing library and delete the folder. Don’t just override your existing library.
- Copy the new LiquidCrystal-I2C library from the libraries folder included in the software package, to your Arduino libraries folder.
- Copy also the TFT_ILI9341, DallasTemperature, DS2450I2C and DS2482OneWire libraries to your Arduino libraries folder.

Upgrading the weather station software

- Carefully check, and change to suit your requirements, all user configurable options for each of the units you will be upgrading.
- Always start by upgrading the software of the TX units.
- If when compiling TX software you get this message: Multiple libraries were found for "OneWire.h", backup and remove the folder of your existing "OneWire" library. A new and updated version, is already installed in the DS2482OneWire folder.
- Now proceed, upgrading the software of the RX unit. Don't forget to change the VP1 switch to program position, and turn it back to run position after upgrading.
As soon as the RX unit restarts, do a factory reset, pressing the push button for 5 seconds.
- At last, upgrade the software of all WD units. Hope you enjoy the new look.

And that's all! Now you are running the most powerful WeatherDuino Pro2 software ever released.

Some final hints and recommendations:
- Already rained today? If you upgrade now, the today rain value shown on the LCD display, may reset to zero. Cumulus totals will not be affected.
- If after restarting, your RX unit seems to never leave from the "Wait!" screen, look for the three digits code at the bottom left of the LCD display and read this topic: The most frequently reported issue, and the solution!

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