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Rx unit not receiving data from TX

As I mentioned elsewhere, I inherited a system (in pieces) from a friend and am trying to get it going again.
I got the RX unit going (apart from it showing 'Connecting to WiFi' every couple of minutes), and it it displaying the inside temp, humidity and air pressure.
It is not displaying any data from my TX unit. I've got the same Station_ID in both (0xA1), and the TX is sending out data, as I can hear the brusts on 433.8 MHz on my ham-radio receiver (the TX led is also blinking when transmitting). Both units are sitting on the table next to each other.

I can also see a blue dot appearing briefly next to TX0, in the SYSTEM INFO display, however no data displayed there at all.

Debugging show that the TX unit is getting data from the sensors. It also shows "Sending ID2" not sure it that's meaning anything?

The code is well commented, but some sort of a manual would be handy I think. 

Any clues to help me get this going?

Hi Gerard,

Apparently this seems a kind of config issue.

Supossing you have this on the TX unit:

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
//   Define ID and TX unit number
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define Station_ID  0xA1    // Must be equal to your RX Unit (Value from 0x00 to 0xFF)  
#define Unit_ID        0    // If you use only one TX unit define it as Unit_ID = 0
                            // For a second TX unit, define it as Unit_ID = 1

then check if in receivers Config_Options.h you have something like this:

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
//   Define the source of your main outside sensors
//   If you are using just one TX board, the source for all items should be equal to your single TX Unit ID (most likely zero).
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---- Define the source of your main Temperature / Humidity sensor
#define TH_SOURCE       0   // 0= Temp/Hum sensor connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit 1, ..., 3 for Auriol RF Temp / Hum
// ---- Define the source of your Main Wind sensor
#define WIND_SOURCE     0   // 0= Wind instruments connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit 1, ..., 3 for Auriol RF Wind Speed & Dir
// ---- Define the source of your main Rain Gauge
#define RAIN_SOURCE     0   // 0= Rain Gauge connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit 1, ..., 3 for Auriol RF Rain Gauge
// ---- Define the source of your main Solar Radiation sensor
#define SOLAR_SOURCE    9   // 0= Solar Radiation sensor connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit1, ..., 9 for not used
// ---- Define the source of your main UV sensor
#define UV_SOURCE       9   // 0= UV sensor connected to TX_Unit 0, 1= for TX_Unit1, ..., 9 for not used

This means receive data from TX Unit_ID 0

Again in RX Config_Options you may enable PRINT_DEBUG_RF_MESSAGES by uncommenting this line:


This will show you if the receiver is receiving and decoding the data from the TX unit.



Thanks Werk_AG
I've got things going ok now on the receive end. (Although this still shows 'connection to wifi' at times)

I'm not sure what I changed, but started with only the system info on, and all other sensors disabled.
That did work now - I must have had that switched off before, although I thought i had it on.

Then I plugged the temp/hum sensor into the I2C socket on the board. I had it in the SHT2X socket as that made most sense to me at the time. The joys of working with a box full of unmarked items and no manual!
So that then showed up in the RX.

The rain gauge gets recognized as well, and I do get a reading on the RX for that.

Now the wind direction and speed, in the debug mode on the TX, I can see the direction changing as I turn the vane. The speed only shows "0".
On the RX I only now and again get a reading of direction while I wiggle or partly plug the RJ-45 into the TX board.
The same if I use my second board.
I'll take a close look at the plug and cable later, as it seems that that is the most likely place where the problem is.

I'll update when I've had time to look at that.
We're getting close to having a functioning system!


Hi Gerard,

What's the type of the wind direction and speed sensor you are trying to use?


Well, as I mentioned, got the box full of unmarked parts....
But I'm pretty sure it's a Davis, because the rain gauge is a Davis and I believe the guy I got the parts of used fairly good quality gear. I can't see any markings on the wind vane/speed unit.
It's a bit hazy in my memory right now, got a lot on here right now.
I do for sure recall trying all the types in the Config file, but now can't recall what I saw in the debugging mode for the wind speed.
The wind direction I know did show up in the debugging mode, and was accurate and repeatable.

As I said, the wind direction only showed up on the RX display when I played with the plug on the TX board, which is inconsistent with it showing up in the debugging mode all the time without any problems.

Unfortunately I haven't got much time to look at it this weekend (Amateur radio field-day), but I will try to look at the windspeed again in the debugging mode. Perhaps I can squeeze it in this evening.


I had a look a the windspeed unit last night. I cannot find any markings on it, it is in very good physical condition, black plastic and aluminium mounting pole. No markings on it at all, not on the wind vane nor on the body.
Anyway, the winddirection works perfectly (as shown on the debugging screen), but the windspeed not at all. I went through all the listed options in the config file, but none of them got me a reading.
There was a splice in the connection cable, so I unwrapped that to check it. It looked fine, with no corrosion or obvious faults.
Is there a test I can do (eg put some pulses on the PC board socket pin?) to check if it is the sensor not giving any signal.


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