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AQMIII and Sensor Community

Hello WeatherDuino community,

After a long time and moving I'm back. I now have vacation and time to rebuild my weather station.
But simply unpacking, connecting and everything works would be too easy.
I have now updated the firmware of the AQM III and I noticed that the data to the sensor community is no longer being transmitted or is not being transmitted correctly.

Does the data transfer work with the current firmware?

Otherwise, my request to @Werk_AG, would you please take a look at the source code?

If I understood correctly, the Sensor Community API interface has changed.

Greetings from Germany,

Problem solved, I got confused by the many SensorIDs and UIDs

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Hello Andre,

I'm glad to see you back.

Yes, latest AQM III firmware continues transferring to sensor community.
As you can see on this link : the Air Quality sensors of some of our Development Team members are reporting correctly, including mines that are running latest firmware (data at is fetched from sensor community).

Please check if during the software upgrade, you have placed the correct Sensor_UID on the Credentials.h file

Kind regards


Andre, can you send me by PM your Sensor UID as registered at
Given me your Sensor UID doesn't give me access to any private data.


PS: If you have moved the location of your sensor from a place to another, you may have to delete the old sensor and create a new one at sensor.communtiy.


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