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Soil & Leaf - Temperature & Moisture / Wetness measurement

[Image: 4Pro_SoilLeaf_Interface.jpg]


The WeatherDuino Soil / Leaf interface allows measurement of the Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature and / or Leaf Wetness.
It works connected to any WeatherDuino Universal Transmitter (4Pro or Pro2 line) using two pair of twisted wires (Cat5 cable is fine).
Communication is done via I²C protocol. Due to the existence of the two I²C bus expander chips (one in the TX unit, other in the Soil Leaf Interface), quite long cables can be used between the TX unit and the Soil Leaf Interface. More technical info about this matter can be read on this document.
For cables up to 3 meters there is no need to change the default value of the included resistors.

The data from the sensors connected to the Soil / Leaf interface not only can be seem on the screen of the WeatherDuino receiver, as can also be visualized and logged using any weather software (ex: CumulusMX) which supports a Davis Vantage Pro2.


- Up to four analog inputs (12bits ADC) for Soil Moisture or Leaf Wetness sensors.
- Up to four 1-Wire® soil temperature sensors (DS18B20 or DS18S20).
- Powered through the extended I2C bus cable.

Supported Sensors:

Out of the box, the WeatherDuino software is prepared to work with the following analog soil moisture sensors: With minimal and simple software changes, the interface can be used with other analogue sensors which provide a linear voltage output between 0 and 5 Volt.


Soil / Leaf Interface v4.00: 34.70€

Shipping Method and Costs

All shipments are done via registered Air Mail.
Once shipment is done we provide the tracking number.

Any country within the Eurozone: 8.20€
Worldwide: 11.40€
Combined shipping is available.

Payment Method

PayPal Only

How to Order?

Orders are done by sending a PM to Werk_AG.
Click here, and describe the item or items you want to order.
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