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Air Quality Monitor III - Overview

[Image: 4Pro_AQM_III_PCB_Front.jpg]


The WeatherDuino AQM-III is an easy to build Air Quality Monitor device, designed to be used by anyone, no matter have or not an WeatherDuino weather station.
For measurement of dust particles, users can choose from three types of sensors: Sensirion SPS30, Plantower 7003 or Nova SDS011.
Besides presenting the PM2.5 and PM10.0 readings, users can choose the AQI standard. Supported standards are: US EPA, EU AQI, UK DAQI and AU AQC - NSW
Optionally, a CO2 sensor can be installed. Two types of sensors are supported: Sensirion SCD30 or MH-Z19.
Supports OTA software upgrade.

Being a versatile device, data can be visualized in several ways:
  • Web Page. Using any browser, just type device_IP/aqnow. See example on image bellow.
  • Using the optional OLED display (convenient for indoor use).
  • Issuing a data request (GET) to the IP address of the AQM-III (JSON formatted output).
  • By publishing the data to online services, such as ThingSpeak, or (fully compatible).
  • Uploading the data to your own web server for storing on a SQL db, or to be included on a web page..


Additionally, the AQM-III emulates the Davis Airlink Local API, which means you can get the Air Quality data directly on CumulusMX (tested), and possibly on other weather software too.

Naturally, the AQM-III can also be used to send Air Quality data to WeatherDuino weather stations.
It is compatible with the 4Pro and Pro2 line of WeatherDuino weather stations, and can transmit data using LoRa or OOK radios.


- Xtensa 32 Bits Dual Core Microcontroller
- Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
- Optional LoRa RFM95 radio module (868Mhz or 915Mhz)
- Optional OOK RXB6 radio module (433Mhz or 315Mhz)
- Power Supply: micro USB or via polarized connector (JST XH2.54 2p) on the PCB - 5V, 500mA
- Average Consumption: 150mA
- PCB size: 85.09mm x 52.07mm

Additional parts needed:

- Dust sensor: Sensirion SPS30, Plantower PMS7003 (PMS5003, PMSA003) or Nova SDS01.
- Temperature / Humidity & Pressure Sensor - Bosch BME280.
- Optional CO2 sensor: Sensirion SCD30 or MH-Z19.
- Optional OLED Display (1.3" SH1106)

3D printable box:

Available for free on the Downloads area or at Thingiverse


- AQM-III Standard Version: 28.50€ In Stock
- AQM-III, with the 868Mhz LoRa radio module (EU version) and SMA connector: 38.70€ In Stock
- AQM-III, with the 915Mhz LoRa radio module (US & AU version) and SMA connector: 38.70€ In Stock
- AQM-III, with the 433Mhz OOK radio module and SMA connector:  33.90€ In Stock

Note: Installation of the LoRa or OOK radio modules on the AQM-III Standard Version, its a quite easy task.
Many users prefer the AQM-III Standard Version, and later decide if they need the radio modules or not.

Shipping Method and Costs

All shipments are done via registered Air Mail.
Once shipment is done we provide the tracking number.

Any country within the Eurozone: 8.40€
Worldwide: 11.20€

Payment Method

PayPal Only

How to Order?

Orders are done by sending a PM to Werk_AG.
Click here, and describe the item or items you want to order.
Combined shipping is available.

Sensor Connections

[Image: 4Pro_AQM_III_Sensirion_Connections_800px.jpg]

[Image: 4Pro_AQM_III_PMS7003_Connections_800px.jpg]

[Image: 4Pro_AQM_III_SDS011_Connections_800px.jpg]

[Image: 4Pro_AQM_III_MH_Z19_Connections_800px.jpg]

AQM III - Usage Notes

Requesting data from the Air Quality Monitor III

Users can request data from the AQM-III by using some commands, usually in the form: IP Address / Command
Examples of recognized Commands:
  • - Will return an webpage like illustrated on first post.

  • - Will return Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Air Quality data in JSON format.

  • - This special command will return a full set of data (JSON formatted), compatible with the Davis AirLink Local API

Getting AQM III Air Quality data with CumulusMX

On CumulusMX go to Air Quality settings, add AirLink as Air Quality sensor.
On the AirLink config, just fill the IP address of your AQM III device. Left everything else blank.


Sending AQM III Air Quality data to Sensor Community

- First register your sensor on Sensor Community:
- As type of sensor choose ESP32. Follow instructions presented during registering your sensor.
- After having your Sensor ID, set it on the AQM III software

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// sensor-community Credentials
// The AQM-III allows you to share Air Quality data from your location, with the project.
// Your sensor and data will be show on a map:
// Just register your sensor at and put here your Sensor_UID.
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
const char* Sensor_UID = "esp32-xxxxxxxxxxxx"; // Put here the Sensor_UID registered at sensor-community


AQM-III usage with WeatherDuino Pro2 and 4Pro weather stations

There are some minor differences when a AQM-III is used with a Pro2 or a 4Pro weather station:

  • AQM-III used with a 4Pro weather station

    Scenario 1: The AQM-III is installed in a place with WiFi coverage
    The 4Pro weather stations can get Air Quality data from the AQM-III device using the WiFi network, so the AQM-III Standard Version is all you need.
    Of course you may also decide to use the version with a LoRa radio, and receive data by RF.

    Scenario 2: The AQM-III is installed in a place without WiFi coverage
    You will need the AQM-III equiped with a LoRa radio module.

    - The AQI standard defined on the AQI-III software is independent of the AQI Standard chosen on the 4Pro weather station.
  • AQM-III used with a Pro2 weather station

    - You will need the AQM-III equiped with a OOK radio module
    - The AQI standard defined on the AQI-III software, must match the AQI Standard chosen on the Pro2 weather station.
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