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WeatherDuino I2C bus extender

This small Extended I2C adapter, was specially designed to be used with the 3.3V version of the SHT31 Temperature / Humidity sensor.

Together with the Extended I2C circuit already present on our 4Pro and Pro2 transmitter boards, this small adapter completes an Extended I2C bus, which allow installing the T/H sensor up to 10 meters* away from the transmitter.
Board measures only 30mm x 14mm.


* Distance between the sensor and the TX board, can even be increased to more than 50 meters, just by changing the value of 4 resistors, two on this adapter, and another two on the TX board.

Currently this Extended I2C pcb isn't available for sale, instead it is offered for free with any order of an WeatherDuino 4Pro Universal Transmitter, or WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact bundle.

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