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3D printed box for Air Quality Monitor II

[Image: aqmii_indoor.jpg]

Project available here: 
outdoor version
indoor version.

If you are printing from PLA then I suggest you paint it.
Seal the connection points with silicone (especially the antenna cover).

Hi Jarek,

As all your other designs it looks perfect!
I like the detail on the shield for the PMS7003 sensor, separating the air intake from the air outlet. Well done. Like

I think its smart, just having to change the front panel for the version with or without the OLED display.
Thank you very much.



(28-04-2019, 15:30)jarekh3 Wrote:  Hi
I present the progress of design work on the case to AQM II. This is the outdoor version, without display.

Heart Idea Smile

Best Regards

[Image: banner.php]
My outdoor AQM-I: here

Well. I think the project is finished. Smile 
Now there will be several days of printing, matching, etc. The publication should take place at the end of the week. 
Outdoor version in preparation.

[Image: 986194050157.jpg]
[Image: 4ac414cd5d9e.jpg]
[Image: 75ac5dbd09eb.jpg]

This is the version in which SHT31 and MH-Z19 are soldered directly to the pins:
[Image: 085980f7b4c3.jpg]

I can prepare a version with sockets but it will be wider about 12-15mm (internal version even 25mm).

Hello Jarek,

Today I noticed on eBay that some sellers are selling the PMS7003 with a "new" adapter.

This is the "old" adapter:


and this one, is the "new" adapter:


Do you think this new adapter will also fit, or it is to large?
If the "new" one don't fit, we can always advise people to be careful when ordering the PMS7003, and choose a seller which sells them with the "old" adapter.

There is also the option to order the adapter separately, it costs only around 2€




I ordered the same adapter. He should come on Tuesday. I will check and possibly improve.

The case looks fabulous
Are you doing a separate front panel for the display model?
I think a version with sockets would definitely be needed as no doubt over time the sensors will need changing and desoldering without damage to the PCB can be extremely difficult.
Regardless your design is absolutely perfect and I will definitely make one when I return from holidays 

I am running the original AQM. I assume that this enclosure will not be suitable for that version and I must upgrade.

I think the problem is being solved. I will need to cut off the pins.
[Image: 8bfbe24f7164.jpg]
[Image: d348180cb696.jpg]

@Barrow4491  You are right. This is the correct solution:
[Image: e81b35290306.jpg]

@dormani  Wait a few days. I will try to adapt the housing to the old version.

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