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Printed Circuit Boards for the Air Quality Monitor II

[Image: WeatherDuino_4Pro_AirQualityMonitor_logo.png]

Air Quality Monitor II

[Image: AQM_II_02_rdm.jpg]

Key features:

- Can be used by any person (doesn't require having an WeatherDuino Weather Station) for monitoring the Air Quality in any place of your home, indoor or outdoor.
- Can transmit Air Quality and T/H data to WeatherDuino receivers (when equipped with the RF transmitter).
- OLED display (Optional item. You may not install the OLED display, per example in a unit which is operating outdoor to send data to an WeatherDuino receiver).
- Can upload Air Quality data to online services like Thinkspeak, or to your own server (ex: to store data on a database).
- Several units can be used to form Air Quality Network. When a unit receives an HTTP GET it sends back the Air Quality data in JSON format.
- Powered via micro USB connector or connector on the PCB.
- Software can be upgraded by Over the Air (OTA). Requires WiFi connection.

The AQM II can work without WiFi connection, however several of their functionalities will be unavailable.
If WiFi isn't available on the location where you intend to install it, you may consider the use of the previous version of the Air Quality Monitor, still available.

What is needed and is not included:

- Temperature / Humidity sensor (SHT31)
- MH-Z19B CO2 sensor (can be assembled directly on the PCB with or without a socket, user choice).
- Dust Sensor: Plantower PMS7003 (recommended) or nova SDS011 (this one can't be assembled inside the AQM II box). Only four wires are used to connect the dust sensor to the PCB (less wires, less troubles)
- Power supply: 5V - 500mA. Average consumption is bellow 100mA, but when the sensors are read, power requirement increases.
- Depending of your assembling choices, some connectors or pin headers may be needed.


- 1.3" OLED display (I2C interface)
- H34C ASK 433Mhz transmitter plus SMA connector (can be supplied assembled on the PCB, see buying options below)

Picture below shows what you get on an WeatherDuino receiver, when the Air Quality Monitor II is setup to transmit data over radio frequency.


Dust Sensor Connections:


 AQM II  PMS7003
 TX TXD - Pin 5
 SET SET - Pin 3


 AQM II  novaSDS011

Outdoor install recommendations:

Install the AQM II  in a box with vent holes, away from any source of smoke, in a well ventilated place, but not directly exposed to weather elements, like rain, strong winds or direct sunlight. As an example, a well ventilated porch is a good place.
Preferably install the AQM II in a place with WiFi coverage.

Board Size:

85.00mm x 49.60mm


The AQM II is no more in production, it was been replaced by the AQM III

- AQM II v1.3 full version (includes all SMD parts, microcontroller, High power H34C ASK 433Mhz transmitter, SMA connector): Out of Stock
- AQM II v1.3 without RF transmitter and SMA connector (includes all SMD parts, microcontroller): Out of Stock

Shipping Costs (Air Mail with tracking number)

Euro Zone and UK: 8.20€
Any country outside Euro Zone: 11.40€
(Combined shipping allowed: up to, any four WeatherDuino boards per packet)

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal only

There is available a freely printable 3D box for the Air Quality Monitor II
Indoor Version:
Outdoor Version:
If you don't have a 3D printer, you can order your case directly from online 3D printing services like 3Dhubs.

[Image: aqmii_indoor.jpg] [Image: aqmii_outdoor.jpg]
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