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Latest version error - catliNZ - 13-08-2021

There appears to be a problem with the receiver accessing the latest version information over the net.
I receive a "400 Bad Request" reply complete with HTML tags.



RE: Latest version error - Werk_AG - 14-08-2021

Hello Ian,

Can you please tell what is your station name, for me to check what is sent to the WeatherDuino server when checking for the latest version.

Quote:// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Define Name and URL for this weather station
// This data is used list you in the WeatherDuino Online Weather Station Map
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
const char* WeatherStation_Name = ""; // DON'T LEAVE EMPTY - Put here your Weather Station name or Location name

You don't need to post it, but also check if the settings bellow are right for your location.

Quote:// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Define your Weather Station location. Use decimal format for Latitude and Longitude
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define LATITUDE 39.22350 // Put here your Station latitude in degrees North (with up to 5 decimal places, don't use less than 3 decimal places)
#define LONGITUDE -8.99650 // Put here your Station longitude in degrees - minus for West (with up to 5 decimal places, don't use less than 3 decimal places)

On the server logs, I can see many Pro2 PLUS systems getting the latest version info correctly (two of them are from NZ).
The latest version check function is working for me too.