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Full Version: Resistors
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I notice in your parts lists you specify Carbon Film resistors. Is there any specific reason for this as most people seem to think Metal Film resistors give more consistent results?
I used Metal Film resistors as the local shop didn't have Carbon in 1/4 watt.
Thanks Bob. The TX board specifies a 380 Ohm resistor can find a 383 but not a 380. Did you find this?
No I didn't, I actually used 360R and the resistors are specified at +/- 10% so you'll be right.
Great thanks.
Oh and here's what Werk_AG said about my substitutions (all good) :
Bob, what did you do about the 4.7KOhm resistors that are marked on both boards as only required if your IC2 connected device doesn't have it's own pullup resistor, and come to that what is the IC2 connected device ?Huh
I think that's for the SHT22 temp sensor (or another device on the IC2 line). I used the DHT22 so didn't need them. I brought them though, just never used them and they were like 10 cents each.
Thanks Bob, now I understand.
No worries David,
Feel free to bounce any more questions off me, then Werk_AG only has to come along and correct my mistakes Smile
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