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Full Version: WeatherDuino Pro2 v2.0 - New software update available
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Two months after the first release of the WeatherDuino Pro2 v2.0 software, I'm releasing a software update, that includes support for the new Soil / Leaf v3.0 interface.

WeatherDuino Pro2 v2.0 - Release date 2016-05-24

Goto download page
Thanks Werk.. Awesome news.... Any tricks or tips with upgrading the software...?
Hi Wizza,
If you are upgrading from previous v2.00 release, just install the new library as stated on the change log file and that's all.
Cheers Werk.. I'll check it out...

(24-05-2016, 02:11)Werk_AG Wrote: [ -> ]WeatherDuino Pro2 v2.0 - Release date 2016-05-24


the both my TX units and RX units is running on the last release without any problems. And the upgrade was too without problems and very fast.

Good job, Werk_AG!

Best Regards
My WD is now running on update "Release date 2016-05-24" include translation to Czech. Smile

Thank you for your work again, Werk_AG.