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Full Version: EBAY Useful current sales for Weatherduino Pro Sensors.
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I thought I would put up a thread for those of you based in UK (and Europe)
to acquire sensors which would suit the Weatherduino Pro2 system.

I have a number of sensors and do not need more, so I will not be bidding.

It is mostly for anemometers and Rain Gauges, as temperature / humidity sensors such SHT11's are better bought separately as they are better than those supplied in the old technology used in older systems.

The thread is intended to give those considering either; upgrading from Fine Offset, or wanting some good quality sensors for a new project, some ideas.

Please note these are NOT my sales and I do not stand to gain anything from this, Anything recommended here is bought at your risk with the normal ebay contract between you (the purchaser) and the ebay seller.
Davis Weather Monitor system:

Excellent Rain Gauge, anemometer and Wind Vane all of which will work with Weatherduino Pro.
Slightly chipped rain gauge but still better than a new FO gauge.

You can sell the temp / humidity sensor, console and software back into ebay and perhaps get some of your money back. None of these parts will work on the Weatherduino Pro system.

SOLD For £51.00.

Please note proviso in first post on this thread. I can only go by what I have seen on ebay and that, if the Rain Gauge, anemometer and Wind Vane are in good condition, they will work on Weatherduino.
Another Davis Weather monitor, however anemometer appears to need cups (which can be bought separately), also an interesting non-Davis rain gauge ( )


anemometer and vane only, but might go for a reasonable price.
Good quality Davis Anemometer / Vane at 40% off; Good price for this new.

Old version, new old stock, but mine has run for 15 years, and they are repairable (when you need to in 15 years time!).

Now gone to best offer, might get £20.00 off, then a real bargain for a very good quality anemometer / vane.
Davis Rain gauge, metric. A few of these for sale. A very good gauge and an excellent superior replacement for the FO gauge. You should be able to make an offer for both for about £50.00. A bargain.

Rain Collector 2, › weather › manuals.

Add this in,

And you will have a Weatherduino Pro2 + a new Davis station (+ you will need a radiation shield!)
Vantage Pro bits, ideal sensor set for Weatherduino Pro2. Will need rain bucket and radiation shield. Bit expensive, needs to come down £50.00.

Now down to £150.00, you still need rain collector bucket, available for £22.00.

Might get away with an offer for + or - £120.00 ; then it would be worth it, to make a true weatherduino vantage pro 2!

Brand new Davis rain gauge and anemometer. Just the bits needed for Weatherduino. Anyone interested let me know and I shall not bid, if no-one interested from this forum I shall bid to add to my collection of "spares".
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