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Full Version: Presentation of the new 4Pro line
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After two years of development and testing, we are ready to present the new line of WeatherDuino devices: The 4Pro Line

The new 4Pro Dual Band receiver

Joins all the capabilities of the Pro2 PLUS and the Pro2 Compact on a single device, while adding several enhancements like the use of LoRa radios (range can reach several kilometers), a bigger TFT screen. Its a dual band receiver, so it can be used with any existing WeatherDuino transmitter.
More info here:

[Image: 4ProDB_RX_FrontView.jpg]

The new 4Pro Universal Transmitter

On several years, this is the first time we launch a new WeatherDuino transmitter unit, and we have good reasons to do it.
The new WeatherDuino 4Pro Universal Transmitter is the ideal companion for the new 4Pro Dual Band receiver. It can transmit in LoRa or OOK modes. Additionally we integrated our much appreciated Solar / UV interface on the same board.
More info here:

[Image: 4Pro_UniversalTX_PCB_Front.jpg]

The new 4Pro Air Quality Monitor III

Of course you already heard about the AQM III, so no more words.
More info here:

[Image: 4Pro_AQM_III_PCB_Front.jpg]

I want to thank all WeatherDuino users, many of whom have been using our weather stations since 2014. Without your help and collaboration none of this would have been possible.
Once again a big thank you.

Kind regards