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Full Version: WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS AT2560 RX v9.0_b002 Verify Error
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Hi Werk_AG,

I've just tried to upload the latest software and have received the below error when uploading with "#define AQI_STANDARD   3" set in config_options.h (I have an AQMII)
Setting to any other region completes with no error.

C:\Users\User\Downloads\pro2plus\WeatherDuino_Pro2_PLUS\software\RX software\WeatherDuino_P2AT2560_RX_v9.0_b002\D_TFT.ino: In function 'void draw_AU_AQC(uint16_t)':
D_TFT:680:14: error: 'Display' was not declared in this scope
     aqi25  = Display.PM25AQI / 10;
exit status 1
'Display' was not declared in this scope

Hi tcoxxxx,

Thank you for your report. Error is fixed now.
Please download latest release: RX v9.0_b003 from 2020-12-07

Kind regards