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Full Version: Pro2 Compact screen corruption
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I am getting my station up and running again after a gap of a few months, had a few problems late last year and only just getting around to fixing.

The complete system is now working perfectly on my desk, all sensors functioning properly and RX and WD units working well.

However the screen on the Pro2 Compact RX is acting up. Sometimes the screen turns greyish and corrupted, you can't see anything, and the RX has to be reset to get the screen back. Everything on the RX works when the screen goes grey, receives and relays data and uploads to WU ok, just the screen is bad. After starting up, sometimes it takes a minute before the screen goes grey, othertimes it can be working for several hours before going grey. It was doing this at the end of last year as well, before everthing got put in a box and put away.
[Image: IMG-20200523-112503-compress14-resize-42.jpg]

I have changed power source and usb leads for the RX, makes no difference. I have also disabled the big clock, makes no difference. I have a spare screen which I can try, but before I go unsoldering, is there anything else to try?


By the symptoms, it seems the display is faulty, but it can also be a cold welding. Before replacing the display, it always worth try to reheat the welding between display and pcb, and also the welding on all pins of Wemos D1.