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Full Version: WeatherDuino leaves DarkSky and move to OpenWeather
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Recently DarkSky annunced that is no more proving API keys to new users. In consequence, from May 2020 onwards, all WeatherDuino devices which provide users with some kind of weather forecast, will have a software upgrade, to work with OpenWeather, a far better weather forecast provider, which kindly provides free API key upon registration on their site.

Devices affected by this change:
- WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact receiver
- 4Pro Wifi Wireless Display units

During the upcoming week, upgraded software versions for the devices listed above, will be published on the forum.
Moreover, the software has fully revised to work with latest ESP8266 boards manager, no more need to still using v2.4.2
This will be a major upgrade, instructions will be given together with the software publishing.

To be prepared, you can visit the OpenWeather website, and subscribe your free API key right now: Choose the 5 day / 3 hour Forecast

The WeatherDuino Wiki has already updated to reflect the changes on the forecast provider used by WeatherDuino devices.
Already published on the Downloads section of the fórum, the new software version for the 4Pro Wireless Display units with support for OpenWeather.

The Pro2 Compact version, will follow in the next days.
Software v4.0 for the WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact receiver already released.

Rgs to all, and stay safe.