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Full Version: Starting Again.
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This was my first post, i was unable to follow up on the advice due to Family issues etc;, i am now in a position to carry on uninterrupted.

Up until recently I had an OREGON SCIENTIFIC WMR Weather Station, using WEATHER DISPLAY software on my Desktop pc, connected via a VGA cable.

I have built a Personal Weather Station using an ARDUINO UNO R3, Complete with sensors BME280 + BH1750 & UV30A Displaying on a 20,4 LCD. It all works fine, now i have a better understanding of how Arduino works, i would like to connect my ARDUINO weather station up to my PC, so that i can record data, the problem i have is a lack of money and knowledge, i am 71 years old, and sometimes fine new technologies bewildering, especially the choice of software.

As previously stated, i used "Weather Display" on my Desktop pc running Windows 7, which would be the cheapest and best software for me, a list would be nice so i can make in informed choice.

What do i need to do this, can anyone help.


Hi Ray,
These forums are for the WeatherDuino Pro systems that Werk_AG designed. Not really for general help with Arduino so you we might not be much help here.
If you were purchase the WeatherDuino PCBS and recommended parts, then we could help further.
Hello Ray,

Indeed, your post isn't your first post here, in 02-08-2019, 15:12 you posted a very similar post.

I must congratulate you by your persistence in building your own weather station, however as Uncle Ben said, I'm afraid we can't give you much help here.

I just can give you the same suggestion I gave you some months ago:
Try to add to your existing Arduino code, extra code which emulates the communication protocol of an weather station supported by the software you are used (you said Weather Display). For that you don't need to buy anything, you can use the PC and software you already have.

Kind regards