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Full Version: AQM - Full scale deflection
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Since nearly the whole of the southern NSW coast is on fire my AQM looks like it's off the scale.
Prayers thoughts for those affected by this disaster.

[Image: AQM%20-%20Full%20scale%20deflection.PNG]
Maybe it has prepared itself to your fireworks!  Big Grin
(01-01-2020, 01:04)hornychz Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe it has prepared itself to your fireworks!  Big Grin

Fireworks here were cancelled due to the fire ban. Sydney's went ahead though (questionably why so).

Fingers crossed for rain to put out the fires here and save a lot more lives.
Maybe, just maybe, our government will finally wake up to fact that something needs to be done to help combat climate change instead of combat imaginary enemies. /rant

Happy New Year to all the readers!
Hello my dear friend Uncle_Bob,

Those graphs reminds me the ones I saw here during the large forest fires in the 2018 summer, on the centre region of the country, almost 200Km from where I live.
I imagine the sadness and impotence feeling, that for sure you are felling facing the enormity of these wild fires, which destroy everything wherever they go. Plants, animals, people, everything...
I'm feeling constrained to say you Happy New Year, instead I prefer to say that I really wish you and to all Australian people that there will be no other year like 2019. Hope you understand what I mean.

Unfortunately, the governments all over the world were dominated and controlled by the economic interests, and democracy started to be just something to keep people beliving that are they which make the choices, but that isn't true.

As economic growth conflicts with protection of the environment, I thing we can't expect too much from the politicians.
I really hope that some day (if now already isn't too late) people really wake up to reality.

Quote:Fireworks here were cancelled due to the fire ban. Sydney's went ahead though (questionably why so).
From the lyrics of the music Perfect Sense - Rogert Waters

Can't you see
It all makes perfect sense
Expressed in dollars and cents
Pounds shillings and pence

Thank you for your greetings, hope peaceful times quickly return to your country.
The AQM has settle back down and giving AQI reading again.
It's as smokey has hell here. but cool today and it's sorta trying to rain. Fingers X'ed here folks.
(I deleted the last post as it was a bit off topic).