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Full Version: Released Today !
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The most powerful and recent WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact receiver as also the wonderful and useful WiFi Wireless Display units, can now be upgraded to a new software generation.

Among several enhancements, two of them deserve a special emphasis:

- New smooth fonts with support for diacritic (accented) characters used on several languages.
- The 4 Days Forecast is now provided by Dark Sky. Free API key available to everyone.

Bellow a mix of screen captures from Pro2 Compact and WiFi Wireless Display units.
To illustrate the use of accented characters, the pictures below show the user interface in Portuguese and German language.

[attachment=1784]  [attachment=1785]  [attachment=1786]

[attachment=1787]  [attachment=1788]  [attachment=1789]

[attachment=1790]  [attachment=1791]  [attachment=1792]

This new software, once again shows our commitment with the continuous improvement of the WeatherDuino Weather Stations.
List of currently supported languages sorted alphabetically:
  • Czech - Translation by Zdenek
  • Dutch - Translation by Pierrelux
  • English - Base Language
  • French - Translation by Laulau
  • German - Translation by engolling
  • Italian - Translation by kraken1881
  • Polish - Translation by jarekh3
  • Portuguese - Translation by Werk_AG
  • Spanish - Translation by Ardummy

If your country language is not listed, and you wish to contribute with a translation please contact me by sending private message.