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Full Version: RadioHead for the Pro2
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Since the release of the latest software suite for the Pro2 PLUS system, I have received some personal messages asking if there will be also a software update for the Pro2, using the RadioHead.

Well, the answer is yes! It should be released up to the end of January 2018.

For me, this is an important question. Still there are many people using a Pro2 system, and also I'm aware that many users that are now using a Pro2 Plus, have started with a Pro2 and still are using it, as a second, or spare receiver. To keep compatibility between the two version, releasing a the software update for the Pro2 is an important matter. Nobody is left behind.
RadioHead version of the WeatherDuino Pro2 software was released today.
As usual, software package includes all the required libraries.

For aditional info and download, go here: