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After near a year of hard work where almost all of the Test / Developers team was involved, we have our WeatherDuino - Air Quality Monitor ready to be presented to all.

The Weatherduino - Air Quality Monitor can measure PM2.5 and PM10 dust particles, and compute the Air Quality Index according to EPA standards. Additionally, by the use of an optional sensor, it can also measure CO2 concentration in ppm (parts per million).

The Weatherduino - Air Quality Monitor was mainly developed to work integrated with any WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS weather station, however it can also be used as a stand alone device, through the use of an optional LCD display.
Communication with the WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS receiver is done by radio frequency, using the same RF modules common in the whole WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS system.

Regarding to the sensors for the Air Quality Monitor, we haven't play easy with this: After many tests, we have chose to use the Plantower PMS7003 for measurement of dust particles, and the MH-Z19 for CO2.
By request (at an extra cost), our Air Quality Monitor PCB can be supplied to also work with the Sharp DN7C3CA006 dust sensor. We strongly recommend the use of the PMS7003.

The Air Quality Monitor is also equipped with a temperature / humidity sensor. We recommend the use of the Sensirion SHT35 or SHT31, but others could be used too. Data from this sensor is also transmitted to the WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS receiver.

The WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS software is prepared to display the Air Quality Monitor data since long time, however nowadays we all like IoT (Internet of Things), be by convenience, or just to share the data with other persons. So you can use ThingSpeak to store, plot graphics and share your Air Quality Monitor data.
Our Air Quality Monitor doesn't connect directly to ThingSpeak, instead it uses the WiFi capabilities of the WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS to do it. Later we will write a tutorial about this matter. Its very easy, user only needs to create a channel and four data fields.

As usual, the software for the Air Quality Monitor will be open source, and published on the forum.
The PCB to build the WeatherDuino - Air Quality Monitor should be available near the end of August 2017, at a price around 16€.
Please, no pre-orders.

Thank you for reading. 

A special thanks to, hornychz, zitoune, JT118, qldbureau for the time, patience (and money) spent to build and test the several prototypes we have built.
For all who wish to see it in action, I created a ThingSpeak public channel with live data from a WeatherDuino - Air Quality Monitor installed at my location.
Here is the link:

For those who like comparisons, data from the an official AQICN - Air Quality station, nearest to my location (35Km), can be seen here:



Beautiful project! Heart
I hope that many people online will put this AQI with a Thingspeak.
With Thingspeak, it is easy (+/- Wink )  to make a map world of AQI (it is my project for a long time)

Remain to wait, i am available… Idea
Yes it is a beautiful project  Heart The whole WeatherDuino is too! Many thanks to Werk and the development team with the number crunching work.

I confirm I am looking to upload to a ThingSpeak channel. I was not aware of this until now and I like very much. Can I say, I consider AQI a very significant addition to WeatherDuino.
May I ask that you guys upload some pictures of your AQM builds, please?
Nice new logo, Werk_AG, congratulations!  Heart


Here, of speed an example which one can make with Thingspeak.
(Temporary site on my Adobe account)
(19-08-2017, 08:24)danner Wrote: [ -> ]May I ask that you guys upload some pictures of your AQM builds, please?

Hi Danner,

For now I have only my old version AQM pictures, but maybe it could be usefull
for own building:

[Image: DSC_7444-upr-sm.jpg]

(The radiation cover is on the table - so upside down.)
(19-08-2017, 08:38)hornychz Wrote: [ -> ]Nice new logo, Werk_AG, congratulations!  Heart

Thanks. You are always aware of the details!
I also like it! Smile
(19-08-2017, 14:34)hornychz Wrote: [ -> ]For now I have only my old version AQM pictures, but maybe it could be usefull
for own building:

Your assembling's are always a piece of art. An example to follow!
For now, mine still have the aspect of a prototype Smile .

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1044]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1045]
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