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Full Version: Where Can I order the PCB's
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Where can I order the PCB's for the Weatherduino project? and where can I find schematics for the PCB's?
Hi Miraclebox

Great question. Check out "WeatherDuino Pro2 - PCB and Parts lists" part of the forum to see a list of boards that are available. Within this page you will find "Important Threads" which will list the boards that can be ordered and the prices of them. Under "Normal Threads" you will find the related documentation for the extra components you will need for the boards to work.

The schematics are not viewable to people who have not yet ordered boards. Once a board order has been made, the forum Administrator will enable a sub-forum which contains this information for you.

Placing an order for boards is as simple as sending a private message to "Werk-AG", one of the forum Administrators and the creator of this project. You can find his user profile here:

Hope this helps,