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Full Version: We need translators
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We need translators - Werk_AG

The newest software release for the WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact receiver and WiFi Wireless Display units includes support for accented characters on the user interface.

Most of the existing language files have been already updated by their maintainers, but others still need to be updated, to add accented chars on several text sentences. That is the case with the Dutch language file.
The update is a simple work which don't take more than a few minutes. If you would like to help on this, please send me a Private Message.

List of already updated language files, listed alphabetically by country name:

Czech language, by hornychz - Updated 2019/03/07
French language, by Laurent (Laulau) - Updated 2019/03/08
Italian language, by kraken1881 - Updated 2019/03/22
German language, by engolling - Updated 2019/03/06
Polish language, by jarekh3 - Updated 2019/03/06
Portuguese language, by Werk_AG - Updated 2019/03/06
Spanish language, by Ardummy - Updated 2019/03/21

There are other languages, like Swedish, Finnish, Danish,  Hungarian which we don't have any translation at all. If you would like to help doing a translation from English to any of these languages, please send me a Private Message.

Thank you.