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What is the AuriolDuino system?

From March 2016, the AuriolDuino system was merged into the WeatherDuino Pro2 system.
For more info please click here.

The AuriolDuino system is a combination of Arduino hardware and software, wich enables a owner of an Auriol H13726 Weather Station and compatibles*, to receive and decode all the data sent from the original external sensors to the base station.
It can be connected to a PC by USB, which enables you to view, store and even publish on the Internet your Weather Station data.

*Also suitable for the following Weather Stations: Ventus W155, Hama EWS 1500 / Meteoscan w155 w160 / Alecto WS-3500 / Balance RF-WS100

The AuriolDuino system was been designed to be used with Cumulus software, via Easyweather.dat data format, but if you have some knowledge of programming in Arduino environment, you can adapt the software to your own needs.

The AuriolDuino is a very flexible system. It can be built with more or less hardware parts, according to the way you want to use it. It can have an Real Time Clock, a 20x4 LCD display or even a color 1.8" TFT display. Support for all this optional hardware is included on the software.
Also, can be used in stand alone mode, and act like a second console to install on a different location from the original one.

Additionally, the AuriolDuino system includes some nice extra functions, aimed primarily at solving the main problem of this kind of Weather Stations, which lies in the unreliability of the data from the external temperature sensor, due to the fact that the original hardware does not have an effective Radiation Shield. You can solve this problem without even touching your original weather station hardware.
The AuriolDuino Receiver allows simultaneous reception of RF data sent by your original sensors, plus data sent by a specially designed TX board, where you can connect an extra Temperature / Humidity sensor, installed in a Radiation Shield, and positioned at the best location, in order to obtain data with better accuracy.

For more info about this, visit the AuriolDuino -> Hardware area.

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