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WeatherDuino Pro2 Wireless Display - What is it?

[Image: WD_Pro2_WD_logo01.png]

The Wireless Display units, are an optional but important part of the  WeatherDuino Pro2 system.
It allows you to wirelessly visualize all weather data (including data from extra sensors and the TX units status), anywhere in your house.
You may have how many Wireless Display units as you wish. They all show the same data synchronized with your main RX unit, even the date and time is synchronized.
Latest units, with WiFi capabilities, can even present you with a 4 Days forecast provided by Wunderground.
A must have, without doubt.

The Wireless Display units are compatible with all existing WeatherDuino systems (Pro2 and Pro2 PLUS).
Currently these units are supplied fully assembled and ready to work.
Can be upgraded via OTA

[Image: WeatherDuino_4Pro_WD_ESP8266_04_web.jpg]

[Image: WeatherDuino_4Pro_WD_ESP8266_05_web.jpg]

See it in action...

Info and images on this post have been updated on: 2018/04/11

Woot! I tihnk I'll crack a beer to celebrate Smile

Some pictures of the display, running WD v1.4 software.

[Image: WD_soft1.4_01.jpg]

[Image: WD_soft1.4_02.jpg]

[Image: WD_soft1.4_03.jpg]



I am new here. Very nice job. This will be the second station. Smile Additional development to WD unit? Example a chart is very good on the TFT screen. (draw from current and history data from another flash chip on the wd board) Smile Unfortunately ATmega328 program memory invisible for so little would be (or borderline case). Atmega644 such a development would be good.

Welcome geri12 Smile


I pay a beer to the first one to publish a picture of the WD screen, running v2.0 software! SmileSmileSmile
I really like the new look, especially the flashing colon on the clock.


Gran Trabajo..... FELICIDADES por esta Nueva versión.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=595]


(22-03-2016, 05:21)Werk_AG Wrote:  I pay a beer to the first one to publish a picture of the WD screen, running v2.0 software! SmileSmileSmile

Now I owe you a beer! Smile Thanks for the picture.
I'm just trying to motivate everyone to upgrade to v2.00


Werk_AG, gracias por la cerveza ¡¡ Pero tu pagas la primera y yo la segunda ¡¡

Un Abrazo y Gran Trabajo.

A beer for the first french version of WD V2 ?


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