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WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS 7 is coming!

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."   Smile Heart

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(23-07-2018, 00:28)Werk_AG Wrote:  
(22-07-2018, 21:58)t3gathome Wrote:  Werk_Ag you are really awesome!

I upgraded right now - everything works out of the box (I only had to comment out Adafruit_HTU21DF.h and SHT2x.h in the WD Version - although I configured SHT31 - but probably it is my fault Wink )!


I have just rechecked and the new WD software compiles fine with any of the allowed T/H sensors.

// --- Define type of Local TH sensor
#define INSIDE_TH_SENSOR     3      // 0= BME280, 1= HTU21D, 2= SHT21, 3= SHT31, 9= Use Main Station TH sensor


probably it is relied to my libraries. If it works at you, than it is my part Wink.
Yes I have the same #define... But commenting out is no problem... So I won't dig deeper...

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