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The Weatherduino Pro2 Plus software no longer starts

(10-03-2021, 17:54)bombenm Wrote:  Summing up, today after having verified a second time all the settings of the receiver unit, I went on the roof to verify the transmitter unit. Everything seems fine, the TX LED flashes every few seconds as it should.
Unfortunately during the initialization process, the receiver shows the letters T and W green, while the letter R remains red.
By reading the receiver’s program , the letter R corresponds to the rain sensor. Is it correct?

Hi Mauro,
Yes, the R means the Rain Gauge

(10-03-2021, 17:54)bombenm Wrote:  This means that the transmitter does not hear the connection of the rain gauge which, if I’m not mistaken, should be a normal closed switch by a "Red switch".

Then it occurred to me,  if the switch was for some reason not completely closed, the transmitter would signal it as an unlinked device. Is it correct?

This is what is puzzling me, because even not having any real rain gauge attached to the TX unit, just enabling the "send rain data" on the TX software is enough for the TX to transmit a rain data packet every 31 seconds.
So, even if the rain gauge has stopped working for any reason, the TX should continue sending the Rain Data packets with the total of rain clicks since is has started for the first time.

At moment I'm not seeing the cause of what is happen, its a new situation.

Have you tried to turn off and on again the TX unit?

There is a way to check if the TX unit is processing and sending the rain data packets, but it imply reprogram the TX unit with the //#define DEBUG_ID3 enabled, an read the output on the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE, not always easy to do, depending on how easy is accessing the place were the TX unit is installed.

Do you remember the software version running on the TX unit? Have you programmed it recently?
Pro2 PLUS software version?

This will help me to try to find something.


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