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Take the most of your hardware
Four months since the last one, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of a new software package for the WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS weather stations.
You won't wanna loose this one! Take the most of your existing hardware, and upgrade all the software right now.

WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS AT2560 RX v6.0 b009

- Added a Menu to allow a direct jump to any of the particular data screen. A touch in the top right of the screen will show the menu.
- The visual indicators of the state of NTP sync, WU uploads and last software available were moved to a more convenient place on the screen. They are now smaller and placed in a vertical column.
1st dot - State of NTP sync.
2nd dot - State of uploads to Wunderground.
3rd dot - State of installed software compared to latest available.
- There is now a new indicator in the “System Info” data screen. A dynamic green dot will blink every time a data packet is received, showing exactly from which TX unit the data packet was sent.
- The RF Efficiency is now calculated in a more realistic way. Instead of a calculation based on the packets sent on a 24 hours period, calculation is now done based on an hourly rolling average of the last 3 hours. In result, currently the RF Efficiency value only is significant, after receiving data for at least one hour.
- The reduced size (less 63%) of the new RF messages format, take less time to transmit, decode and process, bringing a significant improvement in overall performance.
- For those which have a server and want to store Air Quality Data on a SQL database, WeatherDuino can now upload these data to your server. It can be used together with the upload to ThingSpeak, or separately. Upload period is each ten minutes.
This feature intended for power users, besides storing AQM data in a SQL database, also allows an easy way to integrate data from the WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor to your webpages. Included in the utilities folder of the software package there is a small PHP script, which should be installed in your server. The purpose of the script is parse and store the data, sent by the WeatherDuino through a GET command, in an SQL database. Additionally, the script creates a text file, with a single line, which always contains latest AQM data.
- There are lots of improvements on the code which will be tedious to enumerate.
- All know and reported bugs have been fixed.
- Added Italian language (thanks to kraken 1881 by the translation).

Help us to continue improving the software of your weather station.
Keep your system up to date by always running the latest software. Share with us your opinions and experiences. We are always needing your support.
MeteoCercal - Air Quality Data
Click here to watch at my ThingSpeak channel


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