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Soft ware queries

In Arduino IDE go to Tools:
- Board: chose Arduino Nano
- Processor: chose Atmega328
- Port: chose the com port where your Arduino is connected. Use Windows device manager to find it.


You will be pleased to know that I have at last managed to get the Rx programmed and working, at the moment it is showing indoor temp and humidity and atmospheric pressure. So a VERY BIG THANKYOU for help given, saying that I still don't quite know how I have done it.
I did things slightly different from the last 2-3 days, I used win 7 instead of xp and I also installed the earlier version of arduino 1.58.
I just have to try programming the TX, hopefully it will be easier than the RX.
just 1 more thing how do you adjust time and calendar settings and can you adjust atmospheric readings as mine are slightly out ?
Again thanks for help given, off now to try and programme the tx


(17-02-2015, 03:25)tyntop Wrote:  HI I am still getting error that some files are read only, I do not know why, I have had this come up on 2 pc's 1 with win xpsp3 and the second with win 8.

I haven't read the entire thread, but often read-only is an artefact of downloading a ZIP from the internet and it getting a read-only tag. That might be as simple as checking file properties (right click file, un-set read-only).

But the other thing I want to make sure I say - friends don't let friends use XP. Security updates are no longer released for it, it really is a ticking timebomb. Please, don't use it on the internet, and upgrade it if at all possible.

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