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Show wind gust?

Could it be possible to show wind gust on the screen instead of average?
Even better, could the screen alternate between both?

Cheers UB

I assume you're referring to the TFT display. Yes, it's possible.
You have to options:

Option 1: v013 RC2 will be published for Beta Testers in a few days. Info on the TFT was improved. Wind Gust, Speed and Direction are now always on screen. Could you wait a few days?

Option 2: Source code can be adapted to our needs. This is one of the great vantages of the WeatherDuino Pro2 system. If you couldn't wait... this is the way!

Here is a small preview (bad photo Smile) Wind units auto change when you switch from Metric to Imperial units.
[Image: WD_v013_TFTm1.jpg]

Cheers Werk_AG Smile


No rush here at all Werk.
Just one thing to note, I mainly use the larger view (long button press) so it would be great to see it on that view too.

Sorry my friend, no changes in large view display (Mode2). Changes on the code to display Wind Gust instead of Wind Speed are minimal.
After release of the v013 RC2 I will help you to costumize your software to display what you need.


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