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Raspberry Pi and Cumulus MX
My WeatherDuino has been running constantly and stable for a few months. So much that I had not looked at the local PC driving it for a few weeks that was running Windows 10 Insider Preview which decided to expire yesterday; back up and running with 7 tonight.

My heart is set on a low power solution with less connecting cables, and I therefore have just ordered a Raspberry Pi to try my hand with Cumulus MX. This may involve a complete rebuild of my Rx housing to accommodate both Rx board and Pi in the same box with the same power supply.
This, I have found, is quite useful, you can set your R Pi up from your normal Pc using this TightVNC viewer + ssh putty, which creates a virtual R Pi on your desktop. Saves having to have R Pi connected to a separate display, keyboard etc and communicate via your own LAN.

Thanks for the link. That is exactly the way I want it to be. Should help me get it up and running quicker.
You will need to install Mono to permit execution of CumulusMX. Also you should be able to run headless using remote desktop function from your PC. My system running on a Raspberry Pi costs about 3 cents (AUD) a day.
Yes setting up to be headless. I read some instructions to install from scratch that way too (operating system installation) Will be a steep learning curve setting up the website again. I understand there is a work around to get graphs running again from MX.
My Raspberry Pi arrived at the end of last week. I am very happy to say I successfully loaded it with Raspian Wheezy 05/05/2015, performed updates, installed Mono and CumulusMX. I was getting the "cannot connect to station" error at first for some reason I am not sure. After checking and rechecking the connection configuration I powered both the Pi and Rx unit down and rebooted. No problem after that.

It is even updating my Saratoga template and Steel Series Gauges. I managed the complete setup and have never plugged a screen or keyboard into the Pi.

Will now consider my options for rehousing the Rx unit and Pi into a box as seen in another thread. My Pi is sitting bare next to my Rx box and connected by ethernet. I will likely purchase a wifi module.
(07-10-2015, 05:00)qldbureau Wrote: ... Will be a steep learning curve setting up the website again.

Good news! You did it very fast Smile

I'm still running my main system based in Cumulus1, but I'm planning switch to CumulusMX, as soon as Steve adds the data editors functionality, as Cumulus1 have
The plan is to have also the WeatherDuino Pro2 and the PI (with an HD or SDD disk) in the same box, with just one power supply.
MeteoCercal - Air Quality Data
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I have left it running for the whole week except for when I needed the power point it is plugged into. It seems to be very stable and the website uploads with the same reliability and features I use with Cumulus1.

I managed to get some station graphs going in my Saratoga template. They are driven by Highcharts which also come built into CumulusMX site template. There is no specific detailed instruction to incorporate them into Saratoga, though somehow I managed to mishmash it in. It is not perfect but will do the job for now. An improvement going to these charts is that they are always refreshed when the charts page is loaded. For some reason I could never sort out, on my Cumulus1 standard charts, the browser has to be forced to retrieve the latest graphs. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox all affected.

Once it is running, you only remember that you have it, when you want to upgrade the software.
Soon, a important upgrade will be published. Finally a quick, a very quick startup after power up.

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MeteoCercal - Air Quality Data
Click here to watch at my ThingSpeak channel

Thanks Werk, signature in Shy

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