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[Pro2 PLUS] Mega 2560 problem
Quote:uncle_bob wrote:

I'm wondering if the com port is already in use when trying to upload the sketch. That seems like the behavior is the Serial Monitor is still running when you try to upload.

You're right, there have been one or two occasions when I've not left enough time for the 2560 to "time out" before trying another upload and the com port has been busy. Most times it hasn't though.

Quote:Werk_AG wrote:

Hello Allan

My best sugestion is to try to start CumulusMX with the Data Logger disabled, and check if there is normal comunication.
Edit the Cumulus.ini file and change this:

Yes, I remembered that little "trick" which was necessary before an earlier software update, so tried it a couple of days ago but it made no difference unfortunately. 

I'll keep trying different things and report back when I find something. Thanks for the help and suggestions guys, very much appreciated.

These seem to be in short supply;

Could they be replaced by:

(21-03-2020, 10:38)JT118 Wrote: These seem to be in short supply;

Could they be replaced by:


No, the two boards don't have the same pinout.
OK; maybe it is just an ebay thing, but not many on I expect they will reappear.
Plenty available from original manufacturer eBay store:
Could you advise on R1 on the Pro2Plus RX board v2.00. On the parts list it is stated as 4R. I am struggling to find an SMD rated at 4R (plenty at 4R3). Is this a critical component?
Hi JT,

in my parts list as well in the schematics R1 is a 0Ohm brigde.
Are you sure you mean R1 and if yes, where did you find the 4 Ohm?

That makes more sense thanks; It was in these two that R1 = 4 ohms

Or maybe I am misreading things.
Seems to me that I have another revision of the parts list or I looked wrong Blush
In the end - I think Werk has to tell us Smile
At some point i had this with 0 Ohm :



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